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  1. Best Homemade Cornbread Recipe!

    Best Homemade Cornbread Recipe!
    Cornbread is not a common food here in this part of Southeast Asia, but we love a good, warm buttery slice of cornbread when it’s served as a side dish in American-style restaurants. If you're thinking to emulate the ever famous Gardenia's popular cornbread, you're on the right page! Today, we have a great homemade cornbread recipe that guarantees moist and buttery bites, with slightly crisp and burnt edges and tops. If we’re being honest, the edges are our favourite! Our number one way to eat cornbread is drizzled with a little warm honey or dipped in honeyed butter. Just delicious!

    Craving for more bread recipes? This ought to hit the spot: Homemade Foccacia recipe, Spinach Bread, Cloud Bread and more!


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  2. How To Optimise Your Kenwood Food Processor

    How To Optimise Your Kenwood Food Processor
    The food processor is the undisputed heavyweight champion in the kitchen. It’s got speed, power, and the astonishing ability to reduce food preparation time. But not all food processors are created equal, nor should they be. It is also one of the top contenders for the title “All-Round Champion of Kitchen Tools”. When matchmaking your needs to the choice of many food processors available in Singapore, it comes down to what you value most. Would you prioritise size? Multifunctionality? Bowl capacity? Does it come with flexible accessories jugs, blades, whisks and more? We can be spoilt for choice when it comes to kitchen machines in Singapore. Still, the rule of thumb is to choose a processor that you can optimise for multiple purposes. Beyond that, it also means selecting a machine that creates opportunities for you to do more. Check out this article where we did a machine comparison on the Food Processor vs Blender.

    Minimise clutter by choosing an all-in-one machine

    Minimalist cooks may consider a smaller processor to avoid taking up storage space. Among the range of Kenwood food processors, we wager the Kenwood
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  3. Simple Blueberry and Avocado Smoothie Recipe

    Simple Blueberry and Avocado Smoothie Recipe
    Love avocados? And a fan of the green Australian juice bar? Then you’ll absolutely love this Blueberry and Avocado Smoothie recipe — quite literally, a frozen masterpiece. Frozen blueberries and avocados make for a refreshing, naturally sweet dessert, perfect for a sweltering hot afternoon. Blueberries add the sweet, fruity flavour and avocado is the key behind the creamy, smooth texture of this healthy smoothie. Want more of such recipes? Check out these 6 simple smoothie recipes. This recipe uses the Kenwood Blend-Xtract Sport Smoothie Maker and personal blender. If you’re looking for a boost of energy before your workout, this versatile blender will be your go-to grab-and-go solution! hand blender singapore malaysia juice smoothie kenwood This Blueberry and Avocado Smoothie recipe yields about one tall cup. Good luck having just one, though!    '
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  4. Cake Not Rising? Here’s How To Remedy Common Baking Issues!

    Cake Not Rising? Here’s How To Remedy Common Baking Issues!
    We’ve all been there: it’s a quiet Sunday and the idea of filling your homely walls with the smells of fresh bakes wafts (pun-intended) through your mind. How about a basic chocolate cake? Can’t go wrong with that right? You pore over every detail in the recipe, and head to the supermarket to get your ingredients. Brimming with excitement, you whip out your trusty Kenwood stand mixer that has always been there for you - and you follow all the recipe instructions to a T. Yet, your creations somehow just look like they popped out of an “expectations VS reality” compilation. It’s just not what you expected! Well, baking requires almost scientific precision, and with some trial and error, common baking issues are easy to rectify. Get enough practice and improve your technique, and you might find that your chocolate cake disaster was nothing more than a fun lesson in baking. Here are some common baking issues you may face in your baking journey, and some tips and tricks to resolve them.

    Cracks on the cake

    A cake splitting on top is due to the crust forming too early, while the insides of the cake continue to cook and rise. An oven that is too hot is the likely culprit. Using the right-sized baking pan plays a part, too. Too large and the cake batter spread too thinly and heats up too quickly. Too small and the cake is baked unevenly. The trick lies in placing the cake on the middle rack of the oven to prevent cracks from forming. Or if you have a small oven, put some foil over the tin before putting the cake in the oven.

    Cake sinks in the middle

    There are four possibilities to this problem of cake sinking
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  5. Goji Berry Carrot Cake Recipe For A Guilt-Free Treat

    Goji Berry Carrot Cake Recipe For A Guilt-Free Treat
    Eating healthy should never mean giving up cakes. This classic carrot cake gets an added health boost — with goji berry! The second-best part of this Goji Berry Carrot Cake is how healthy it is — goji berries lend this dessert the vitamin, mineral, and antioxidant content you look for in a healthy dessert, while also adding a decadent texture with carrot and a vegan cream cheese frosting! The best part? It’s fuss-free and easy to make! Cakes taste even better when they’re guilt-free, and this Goji Berry Carrot Cake is just as healthy as it is satisfying! With this recipe, we'd say — maybe diets aren’t so hard, after all… Who knew healthy desserts could get any better? If you're a fan of superfoods, check out this article on 8 superfoods that you should be eating to integrate into your favourite desserts and making them to make them diet-friendly! Now let's head into this recipe!
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