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Whether you are an amateur cook or a professional chef, you need the best equipment to create masterpieces in the kitchen. For all your baking needs, trust Kenwood to deliver with quality, innovation and design. There is no longer the need to go store after store to find your baking equipment - shop online on Kenwood Singapore and transform the way you prepare and cook your meals each time!

  Stand Mixers  

Shop our premium selection of stand mixers in Singapore from our line of baking equipment, that too at various price points and features that would match any type of cooking preferences. Pick the compact and highly capable Chefette model for easy work each time or go for the top-of-the-line Cooking Chef for its whopping 6.7-litre capacity if you are an avid baker or professional chef. Our range is designed to handle whatever your imagination desires – find the best model to suit your needs here.

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  1. Chefette Metal Bowl Hand Mixer HM680


    SGD 169.00
  2. Chef KVC3100S
    Chef 4.6L


    SGD 599.00
  3. Chef XL KVL4100S
    Chef XL 6.7L


    SGD 799.00
  4. Titanium XL KVL8300S
    Titanium Chef XL 6.7L


    SGD 1,499.00
    Out of stock
  5. Cooking Chef KCC9040S
    Cooking Chef 6.7L


    SGD 2,299.00

  Optional Attachments  

We would not have called ourselves Singapore’s favourite kitchen and baking equipment shop if we do not provide every attachment you could ever need to accompany your new stand mixer or any kitchen machine you own. Browse first-grade attachments by Kenwood here and let your creativity take shape! 

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  1. Twist-to-Bar Adapter
    Twist-to-Bar Adapter


    SGD 12.90
  2. Bar-to-Twist Adapter
    Bar-to-Twist Adapter


    SGD 12.90
  3. Citrus Press AT312
    Citrus Press


    SGD 59.00
  4. Compact Chopper / Grinder AT320A
    Smoothie2go Sport


    SGD 59.00
  5. kenwood stand mixer folding tool at512 thumbnail
    Folding Tool 6.7L


    SGD 60.00
  6. kenwood stand mixer creaming beater at502 thumbnail
    Creaming Beater 6.7L


    SGD 60.00
  7. kenwood stand mixer attachments whisk 6.7L thumbnail
    9 Wire Balloon Whisk 6.7L


    SGD 60.00
  8. Aluminium Dough Hook 6.7L thumbnail
    Aluminium Dough Hook 6.7L


    SGD 60.00
  9. kenwood stand mixer attachments whisk 4.6L thumbnail
    6 Wire Balloon Whisk 4.6L


    SGD 60.00
  10. kenwood stand mixer creaming beater at501 thumbnail
    Creaming Beater 4.6L


    SGD 60.00
  11. kenwood stand mixer creaming beater at511 thumbnail
    Folding Tool 4.6L


    SGD 60.00
  12. stand mixer attachment dough hook aluminium 4.6L thumbnail
    Aluminium Dough Hook 4.6L


    SGD 60.00
  13. Compact Chopper / Grinder AT320A
    Compact Chopper / Grinder


    SGD 79.00
  14. ThermoResist Glass Blender KAH358GL
    ThermoResist Glass Blender


    SGD 99.00
  15. Chef Glass Bowl 4.6L
    Chef Glass Bowl 4.6L


    SGD 99.00
    Out of stock
  16. Spiralizer


    SGD 99.00
    Out of stock
  17. Food Mincer KAX950ME
    Food Mincer


    SGD 129.00
  18. Tagliolini Metal Pasta Cutter KAX972ME
    Tagliolini Pasta Cutter


    SGD 129.00
  19. Chef XL Stainless Bowl with Handles 6.7L
    Chef XL Stainless Bowl with ...


    SGD 129.00
  20. Pasta Roller KAX970ME
    Pasta Roller


    SGD 129.00
  21. Rotary Slicer / Grater KAX643ME
    Rotary Slicer / Grater


    SGD 159.00
  22. Food Processor KAH647PL
    Food Processor


    SGD 159.00
  23. Grinding Mill KAX941PL
    Grinding Mill


    SGD 159.00
  24. Chef Sized Frozen Dessert Maker AT956A
    Chef Size Frozen Dessert Maker


    SGD 159.00
  25. Metal Roto Food Cutter AT643
    Roto Food Cutter


    SGD 179.00
  26. Continuous Juicer AT641
    Continuous Juicer


    SGD 179.00
    Out of stock
  27. Continuous Slicer / Grater AT340
    Continuous Slicer / Grater


    SGD 199.00
  28. PureJuice Chef Attachment
    PureJuice Chef Attachment


    SGD 249.00

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In addition to the baking equipment you see here, our shop offers so much more. From baking mixer machines and every accessory attachment that goes with them through to cooking appliances including health grills and more, you can pick up all you need in just a single store. What’s more? When you cart out a minimum of $150, we will deliver your order right to your doorstep anywhere in Singapore at no additional cost to you. 

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