12 Best TikTok Food Stars to Follow in 2021
Have you always dreamt of being a wow-worthy cook? Maybe, with all the time we’ve got staying at home, it’s time to learn how to cook with flair. And perhaps the exciting world of food accounts on TikTok can help! Looking to whip up a spicy Mexican dish or a creamy Italian pasta recipe? TikTok has got your back. Prefer local flavours? No worries, there are Yong Tau Fu and Fried Mee Siam accounts for you too! Most of the recipes aren't tedious to make, and may not require complex kitchen machines at all. So, are you ready to put your chef hat on? The TikTok fanatics here at Love Wholesome have curated a list of the best food TikTokers out there.

The account that understands cooking doesn’t have to be long-winded: @khairulaming

Just learning to cook? Start here. It’s very unlikely that any of the recipes on the TikTok account @khairulaming will make you stumble, even if you’re a beginner. Known for his famous introductory line of "Hey, what's up guys...?", Khairulaming's feed is perfect for those who are new to the culinary world. He started out on Facebook and Instagram and have recently joined the Tiktok fraternity in 2020. Don’t be surprised to see a TikTok of chilli c
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