How To Optimise Your Kenwood Food Processor
The food processor is the undisputed heavyweight champion in the kitchen. It’s got speed, power, and the astonishing ability to reduce food preparation time. But not all food processors are created equal, nor should they be. It is also one of the top contenders for the title “All-Round Champion of Kitchen Tools”. When matchmaking your needs to the choice of many food processors available in Singapore, it comes down to what you value most. Would you prioritise size? Multifunctionality? Bowl capacity? Does it come with flexible accessories jugs, blades, whisks and more? We can be spoilt for choice when it comes to kitchen machines in Singapore. Still, the rule of thumb is to choose a processor that you can optimise for multiple purposes. Beyond that, it also means selecting a machine that creates opportunities for you to do more. Check out this article where we did a machine comparison on the Food Processor vs Blender.

Minimise clutter by choosing an all-in-one machine

Minimalist cooks may consider a smaller processor to avoid taking up storage space. Among the range of Kenwood food processors, we wager the Kenwood Quad Blade Chopper CH580 will find its place in your home if you’re an occasional cook. But to truly maximise the potential of what a food processor can do, a compact Kenwood kitchen machine with varying tools, such as the Kenwood Multipro Compact FDM302SS, may well be more storage efficient. After all, one multitasker does it all.   The Multipro Compact is a versatile all-rounder perfect for your day-to-day meals. Because the Multipro Compact does more than just chop, as the name suggests, this powerhouse processes food transforming ingredients into different states, textures and tastes. Froth egg whites into the cloud-like meringue with the whisk attachment, for instance, or let the dough tool do all the kneading work for you to prepare the perfect loaf. Obliterate lumps in creamy purees with three different speed options. clean food processor importance Even Gordon Ramsay would disapprove of anything messy and dirty in the kitchen — equipment included. how to maintain sharpness of blades in food processor Love your blades, and you’ll love your bakes  

Maximise your repertoire with the right tools

Like any well-designed appliance, food processors can make your life easier. But rather than just trying to fit your processor into the well-oiled process of recreating family favourites, we propose letting the machine open the door for exciting new dishes. Perhaps the idea of homemade kale stem kimchi or Thai green curry (from scratch) had never crossed your mind. Or that a dough blade could blend the ingredients for traditional Ngoh Hiang. Savouries aside, add to your festive arsenal with crowd-pleasing pineapple tarts. They may need a little more attention (which dish to impress doesn’t), but a food processor does the heavy lifting, so you can take that step back and enjoy the process. thai green curry from scratch recipe Fancy some Thai Green Curry to go with fragrant lemon rice? maintaining food processor blades

Discover support when you need it

For those who need to find their footing, Kenwood 360 Baking Support helps with workshops, personalised sessions and tips on making your kitchen machine work for you. So here’s our challenge to you: to optimise your kitchen machine is to have fun. Experiment! Make a mess! Discover new ingredients you can blend, chop, whisk and knead. The proof is in the pudding, and so much more besides.