1. Beef Rendang Recipe for The Soul

    Beef Rendang Recipe for The Soul
    Photo by HungryGoWhere Dreaming of a spicy beef Asian delicacy to indulge your senses? Beef Rendang could be the dish for you. Rich, spicy, flavourful and creamy, this slow-cooked, coconut-based beef dish is the ultimate comfort food. Popularly known as ‘rendang daging’ in Singapore and Malaysia, there are many versions of this much-loved recipe from different parts of Southeast Asia, such as Indonesia, Brunei and Southern Thailand. This dish is often served at special occasions during festive seasons. Whether it’s an engagement ceremony or a Hari Raya open house event, this dish has truly become a house favourite. Some variations include Rendang Daging Minang (or Rendang Nogori) , Rendang Tok, and Rendang Ayam. If you’re not a fan of the plain ‘ol ribeye steak ‘salt bae’ style, then the flavourful Beef Rendang would
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  2. Meatballs of the World

    Meatballs of the World
    March 9 is Meatball Day, a time to celebrate one of the world’s oldest staples. The simple dish of balled-up minced meat has found its way into almost every national cuisine, from Italy to Israel to Canada. So join us as we sample meaty globes from around the globe – trust us, it’s going to be a ball.

    Italian (“big a-spicy”) meatballs

    Italy is our first stop on our meatball tour, home to those iconic meatballs served with pasta or in submarine sandwiches by a fat, moustachioed man in a white apron. These are typically made of ground beef, pork or a mixture of both, seasoned with basil, garlic and other herbs and finally cooked in a tomato and red wine sauce. Here is a great recipe from BBC Good Food.

    Ikea-style Swedish meatballs

    Moving further north we arrive in snowy Sweden, whose time-honoured meatball reputation has been bolstered in recent years by, of all places, the famous meatballs served in the cafe of Swedish furniture giant Ikea. But you don’t need to go shopping for homewares to experience these classic Swedish meatballs with gravy.

    Israeli meatballs with tahini

    Our journey continues east to the Biblical “Land of Milk and Honey” and these kosher meatballs made with beef, turkey or veal, pan-seared with garlic and cumin and served with homemade tahini sauce. Mazel Tov!

    Persian meatballs (kooften)

    1A zesty and exotic take on beef meatballs from Iran. Kooften is cooked with beef ground into a fine paste, making the balls smooth and malleable, and tomato, lemon and burberries, giving an intense aroma and spicy, zesty taste.

    Indian vegetarian “meatball” curry

    We now e
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  3. Roast Beef Sandwich with Provolone Cheese

    Roast Beef Sandwich with Provolone Cheese
    This recipe comes from our article: Stop! Don’t Throw Out Those Christmas Leftovers There is nothing like a hot roast beef sandwich with melted provolone cheese on a freshly toasted baguette. Add a dash of mustard and some caramelised onions for a mouth-watering lunch.


      ½ baguette, sliced lengthwise
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  4. The Perfect Burger – Yes, Really!

    The Perfect Burger – Yes, Really!
    It is May 28, also known as Hamburger Day – the day George Washington accidentally invented the classic American snack while stranded on the Delaware River with nothing but two steaks, a dinner roll and his musket. Just kidding. George Washington didn’t invent the hamburger. But he may as well have: The origin of the hamburger is shrouded in myth and meaty legend, with many people claiming to have been the first to put a slab of grilled ground beef between bread. While the history is contested, one fact is indisputable: The hamburger is the ultimate dish for the modern man or woman on the go. It’s inexpensive, portable, relatively nutritious and simple – yet also versatile enough for gourmet restaurants to make it their centrepiece. Here are some tips for crafting your perfect burger.

    Make the beef centre hold

    The most basic definition of a “hamburger” is cooked ground beef between two pieces of bread. This article by the Science Times explains how classic ground beef is the perfect hamburger ingredient: Because of its relatively low levels of myosin – the meaty protein found in muscles – ground beef is more tender than pork and can hold together without salt, casing or other additives. In other words, it has the meat flavour of pure beef with the softness and portability of sausage. The real trick is grilling the meat patty so that it stays crispy on the outside, but somewhat pink on the inside – a topic backyard grillers have debated since burgers immemorial. As for the meat, many burger aficionados recommend ground chuck, which comes from the shoulder meat and has 15-20 percent fat content, for the best balance of tenderness, meatiness and texture. (
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