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  1. Whip Up These Creative Durian-themed Snacks for Your Next Dinner Party

    Whip Up These Creative Durian-themed Snacks for Your Next Dinner Party
    Pungent, creamy, and fleshy, Durian is known as the “king of fruits”. But not everyone is a fan of the distinct odour and taste of the Southeast Asian native. A good way to introduce cautious newbies to the fruit is to incorporate its flavour subtly into snacks and desserts. To avoid any sour smells, use up any leftover flesh well before it starts to go bad – that’s if you haven’t already polished it all off! Here are a few creative durian-themed recipes you can try when hosting your next dinner with friends or family.

    Durian Crepe

    If you live in Singapore or Malaysia, you’re probably familiar with this popular local dessert. Simple, yummy and quick, whipping up this snack is easier than you think, and will definitely impress your guests. You can also swap the filling with strawberries or mango for anyone in the party who prefers to avoid durian (they’re missing a treat, though!). Ingredients:
    • 30g wheat flour
    • 15g custard powder
    • 50g tapioca flour
    • 150ml water
    • 65ml milk
    • 1 egg(s)
    • 1 tbsp sugar
    • 1 tbsp oil
    • 50ml st
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  2. Using Ingredients Past Their Expiration Dates? Flour, Sugar, Butter, and More.

    Using Ingredients Past Their Expiration Dates? Flour, Sugar, Butter, and More.
    All occasional bakers have a common gripe – bags and boxes of leftover flour, baking powder, butter and other bulk ingredients in the kitchen cabinet. Sometimes, we forget about them for months or even years, until we shake off our past baking failures and attempt to bake again. But did you know, these common baking ingredients have expiry dates? That includes dry goods such as flour, baking powder and cocoa powder. Just because these ingredients are in powder or milled form, does not mean they will last forever. What if you don’t want to waste your ingredients? Or if the baking supplies store has run out of your favourite organic flour shipped in from overseas, and is unsure when the next restock will come due to ongoing travel restrictions? Not to worry - here is a rundown of some common baking supplies and their expiry dates, and what you should do with them if they have gone past their prime. Most baking ingredients are safe to consume past their expiry dates, as these dates are determined by their manufacturer to ensure quality and taste control – as long as it is not mouldy, or has not gone rancid, you should be fine.


    Refined flours such as all-purpose flour, bread flour or even whole wheat flours, are generally good for consumption two to three months past their expiry dates. Many bakers don’t pay attention to these dates and store these flours in jars or containers without indicating when they will expire. Love Wholesome contributor Jo-ann Huang noted that she made some baguettes with old bread flour, and the results turned out fantastic. As a rule of thumb, if the flour smells slightly foul, or has a yellow or grey tinge, it coul
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  3. 6 Singaporean Home-Bakers to Keep Your Eye On in 2021

    6 Singaporean Home-Bakers to Keep Your Eye On in 2021
    During the pandemic, one of the most popular pastimes to help us get through the long days cooped up at home was online shopping. Clothing, toys, household gadgets, and most importantly of all, sweet treats. Spotting this growing appetite for cakes and desserts, our talented local home-bakers grabbed the opportunity to showcase their creative skills via platforms such as Instagram and Facebook, sharing these innovative bakes with an online audience hungry for mouthwatering distractions. Boosted by the positive response of their fans, many of these home-bakers continue to develop their small-batch, uniquely flavoured, and lovingly made treats. Here are some home-bakers you should keep an eye on - who knows, one day you might be inspired to use your Kenwood-equipped kitchen to join their ranks!

    One thing we Singaporeans and Malaysians unanimously agree on is: people love kueh. This little home-based business is best known for its Kueh Salat, and for good reason! Blue butterfly pea flowers give the kueh its distinctive tinge of blue and pandan provides its unique kaya flavour, like grassy vanilla with a hint of coconut. Both these ingredients are homegrown and handpicked, ready to add to the daily batch of delicious kueh. Don’t say we didn’t warn you: you may get addicted!

    Dapiku Sweets

    Home-based swe
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  4. The Best Pizza Dough Ideas + Throwing The Best Pizza Party Ever!

    The Best Pizza Dough Ideas + Throwing The Best Pizza Party Ever!
    Nothing is more fun than gathering your friends to mix and match ingredients and then watch it all come together in the oven. And don’t worry – homemade pizza using the freshest ingredients and baked to perfection isn’t as difficult as you think. First, check out a basic recipe. Next, set your amateur pizza chef guests up for success with these steps:

    Make the crust dough ahead of time

    The crust is, of course, the foundation of the pizza. Fortunately, a simple pizza crust is surprisingly easy to make from scratch, although the recipe will vary depending on how fluffy you want it to be. Fluffy dough made with yeast can take several hours or even a whole day to rise, so get started early enough to have nice, soft dough balls for your friends to start rolling when they arrive.

    Practice the toss and wow your guests

    Tossing? Isn’t that just for the pros? Of course not! Tossing is a time-honoured technique for spreading the dough that helps it stay intact and retain moisture. Watch a few YouTube videos and practise before your guests arrive to dazzle them with your aerial dough acrobatics!

    For sauces, think outside the tomato

    Tomato sauce is the pizza classic, but Thousand Island dressing, ranch dressing, BBQ sauce and even hummus work very well as bases for your pizza toppings. Here is
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