Goji Berry Carrot Cake Recipe For A Guilt-Free Treat
Eating healthy should never mean giving up cakes. This classic carrot cake gets an added health boost — with goji berry! The second-best part of this Goji Berry Carrot Cake is how healthy it is — goji berries lend this dessert the vitamin, mineral, and antioxidant content you look for in a healthy dessert, while also adding a decadent texture with carrot and a vegan cream cheese frosting! The best part? It’s fuss-free and easy to make! Cakes taste even better when they’re guilt-free, and this Goji Berry Carrot Cake is just as healthy as it is satisfying! With this recipe, we'd say — maybe diets aren’t so hard, after all… Who knew healthy desserts could get any better? If you're a fan of superfoods, check out this article on 8 superfoods that you should be eating to integrate into your favourite desserts and making them to make them diet-friendly! Now let's head into this recipe!
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