4 Kitchen Appliances Every Beginner Baker in Singapore Needs

Baking is an art form that holds numerous benefits when practised, which makes it unsurprising that many in Singapore have turned to the art of baking during the initial lockdown period of COVID-19. While offering much respite from stress and boredom, one of the other main reasons why people want to learn how to bake is because they want to be able to enjoy delicious baked goods without having to buy them from a store. Baking is also a great way to bond with friends and family members, and if you’re looking to impress house guests or colleagues, what better way to do it than by whipping up a homemade cake or batch of cookies?

However, baking is also one of those skills that many people view as relatively difficult to pick up — and they’re not wrong. The art of baking is not easily mastered, which is why having the right kitchen appliances can go a long way in helping beginner bakers in Singapore ease into the skill. But what are the kitchen appliances that are must-haves for every home-baker that is just starting out their very own baking journey? In this article, we will highlight the four essential baking appliances every beginner baker in Singapore needs: a handheld mixer, a stand mixer machine, a convection oven for baking, and a bread and waffle maker.

1. Kitchen Hand Mixer

A hand mixer is one of the most versatile kitchen appliances you can have for baking, and it is an essential tool for any baker — beginner or otherwise. A handheld mixer allows you to mix ingredients quickly and easily, and it also comes in handy when you need to whisk eggs or cream. This means that you can get more consistent mixes with less than a fraction of the effort when using an electric kitchen hand mixer instead of mixing manually. 

Furthermore, with most kitchen hand mixers having at least three speed options, you can enjoy the assurance that you’ll always have enough power to mix your favourite recipes efficiently. With the option to use lower-speed settings when the recipe calls for it, you can also gently fold nuts into your batter for a delectable batch of muffins or waffles. 

Don’t let its name deceive you, either. Handheld mixers can be used for more than just simply mixing. From whipping cream and whisking eggs to folding, mashing, kneading and even shredding boneless, skinless meat for delectable savoury pies, a good kitchen hand mixer does it all. 

Take the HandMix Lite from Kenwood Singapore for example, a lightweight and ergonomic hand mixer that will power through just about any recipe to give you better results in less time. Coming with twin beaters and twin dough kneaders, this hand mixer is both sturdy and versatile, empowering you to easily turn egg whites into light fluffy meringues and all your ingredients into smooth batters that make for perfect final bakes. Complete with five speed settings, a pulsing function, and 450W capabilities, the HandMix Lite is sure to turn your baking efforts into more fulfilling experiences in terms of both your resultant bakes and progress in baking mastery. 

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2. Stand Mixer Machine

While stand mixer machines offer similar benefits to a kitchen hand mixer, there are areas in which the two differ from one another, making each of them uniquely important kitchen appliances for every beginner baker in Singapore. 

Firstly, with stand mixers, you’ll get a lot more speed and power that can be extremely useful when working on big batches of dough or when you’re baking several desserts at once. After all, using a stand mixer machine means you can enjoy having your mixes be done hands-free, which frees you up to tend to the other baking steps that are necessary to bring the recipe to fruition. 

Stand mixers also allow for more varied attachments, such as a paddle for creaming or a whisk for whipping egg white. In addition, there are also many recipes where you cannot use a handheld mixer in place of a powerful stand mixer machine. Simply put, stand mixers deliver a degree of power that can’t be replicated, opening doors of opportunity with regard to a wealth of new recipes for all kinds of baked goods.

At Kenwood, our stand mixers are designed with both style and substance in mind, and have garnered worldwide renown for their quality and reliability. While some of the models in our line-up of electric stand mixers at Kenwood are more suitable for those with greater experience in baking, there are also ones that are extremely beginner-friendly, such as the Chef 4.6L and Chef XL 6.7L. Those torn between getting a handheld mixer or a stand mixer machine can also opt for our 2-in-1 Chefette 3L, which doubles up as both a stand mixer machine and a handheld machine when detached. 

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3. Convection Oven

There are many reasons why a convection oven is important for those new to baking and baking in general. One reason is that it helps to evenly bake your cake, cupcakes, or whatever else you put inside it, with its heat circulation throughout the entire oven space. This means there will be less chance of you ending up with dry, overcooked spots or raw, undercooked sections when trying out a new recipe. 

Convection ovens are also helpful in keeping your bakes pleasantly moist while preventing the formation of burns on the surface of your bakes. Another great benefit of using a convection oven is that it can actually help you save time in the kitchen. Convection ovens cook food faster than traditional ovens, so if you're short on time, this is definitely the way to go. 

Altogether, convection ovens make for extremely handy kitchen appliances for beginner bakers, so if you're just starting out, be sure to add one to your kitchen arsenal! Kenwood’s 25L and 32L Electric Convection Ovens make the perfect choice for beginner bakers in Singapore, allowing for manual temperature control and a rotisserie for cooking poultry and meat if desired. The non-stick sides of these ovens also allow for extremely easy cleaning, such that you don’t have to slog your way through a long and mundane clean-up session after having finished your wonderful bakes.

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4. Bread and Waffle Makers

While rarely talked about, every beginner baker in Singapore should also have a bread and waffle maker at home. First, it is a relatively inexpensive kitchen appliance that can help you produce beautiful bread and waffles — undeniable breakfast staples in our Singaporean diets and some of the most satisfactory midnight snacks you can find. 

Second, bread and waffle makers are extremely easy to use, saving you hours in the kitchen trying to perfect the suboptimal practice of making bread and waffles using an unsuitable oven or the likes. And lastly, owning a bread and waffle maker will allow you to experiment with different recipes and ingredients when it comes to perfecting your batter or dough so that you can find the perfect combination for your taste buds or your family’s. 

So, if you are looking for a kitchen appliance that can help you create delicious treats without breaking the bank in Singapore, then a bread and waffle maker is the best way to get started out! 

At Kenwood, our Bread Maker Metal and Bread Maker White machines let you create masterful artisanal bread without breaking a sweat. Their automatic ingredients dispensers even ensure that each ingredient is added at just the right moment to achieve the fullest of flavours. There are also 15 programmes and 5 personal settings for you to leverage to bake bread that suits your tastes, which can be used for savoury, sweet, white, whole wheat, French, gluten-free, and pre-mixed varieties. 

We also have the 3-in-1 Waffle Sandwich Maker that comes with three removable cooking plates: a sandwich pan, a waffle pan, and a grill pan for the much-needed versatility when your cravings call for it. More importantly, you can better broaden your horizon as a beginner baker in Singapore and be inspired by new and trendy waffle recipes with the Waffle Sandwich Maker. With the waffle plates on these kitchen appliances, you’ll be empowered to create anything from fluffy buttermilk waffles to trendy mocha croffles and more. 

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Miscellaneous Baking Tools 

Although that wraps up our list of the 4 kitchen appliances every beginner baker in Singapore should have in their homes, there are also a whole plethora of baking tools that can come in handy when you’re just starting out your baking journey. From stand mixer attachments to miscellaneous baking tools such as cake decorating sets, weighing scales, spatula sets, and baking aprons, it’ll do you much good to ensure that you stock up on everything you may need to not only achieve the best bakes from your hard work but enrich your baking experiences at home such that you can enjoy a fulfilling journey and a smoother learning process. 

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Regardless of whichever baking appliance you find yourself in most need of, you’ll surely find it here at Kenwood Singapore. Our cooking and baking equipment is trusted by professional bakers and households all over the world and promises innovation, quality, and aesthetics that are timelessly classic. Beginner bakers can even tune in to our Learn Page online for a world of exploration and discovery in all things baking, from free baking lessons to product guides and delightful recipes. 

There’s something for everyone at Kenwood, and we will be more than happy to have helped you along the way as you inevitably progress from a beginner baker in Singapore to one proficient in the art of baking.