Chefette HM680 Vs HMP54 — Which Kenwood Stand Mixer to Buy?

Handheld mixers and stand mixer machines are essential kitchen appliances for baking. While similar in certain ways, they each have unique benefits. The former allows for more flexible welding due to its handheld nature, and the latter provides for hands-free handling that can free you up to prepare your other ingredients — making them indispensable tools in any baker’s arsenal. So, how do you go about choosing one over the other? 

Well, the correct answer here is to weigh your personal baking needs and get the one that better fulfils them specifically. However, there is an even better option available: getting a 2-in-1 mixer machine that doubles up as both a stand mixer and a hand mixer for baking — in other words, getting a Chefette from Kenwood Singapore

The Chefette offers bakers the best of both worlds through dual-purpose mixing made possible by its standout features. The flexibility of the Chefette grants you the freedom of a hand mixer. It can be used in a bowl while giving you the convenience of a bowl and stand that will keep beating, whisking, or kneading away while you tend to the other steps required of whatever baking recipe you follow. But which Chefette should you get for your baking needs? The Chefette HM680, or the Chefette HMP54? 

Let’s take a closer look at the 2-in-1 hand and stand mixer machines:

The Chefette HM680

The Chefette HM680 was initially conceptualised and built to make every baking session a little more special. Surprisingly compact, the 2-in-1 hand and stand mixer machine combines fantastic results with a mess-free process to enhance baking achievements and enrich baking experiences. Simply put all your ingredients into its 3L metal bowl, and the Chefette HM680 hand and stand mixer will do all the hard work for you. 

The Chefette HM680 sports features such as:

  • Five dedicated speeds and a pulsing function allow for effortless and speedy mixes, be it at a slower pace for kneading dough or a faster one for thoroughly whisking egg whites to create the lightest, fluffiest mousse.
  • The SureGrip™ handle gives you the best hold while you work your mixture when using the Chefette HM680 as a detached handheld mixer. 
  • Rotating 3L bowl that rotates in the opposite direction of which the mixer spins in when used as a stand mixer machine, helping you ensure that the edges can be easily reached to incorporate all your ingredients together nicely. 
  • Stainless steel beaters and kneaders that let you turn egg whites into fluffy delicate meringues and sponge mixes into light, moist cakes with ease, all the while achieving mixes with perfect consistency whether you’re kneading dough, whipping cream, or otherwise. 
  • Secure splash guard to provide minimal mess in the kitchen even when baking up a storm and pursuing the wildest creations in your baking adventures. You can also easily add in ingredients whenever you need to, even while the machine is mixing by removing the detachable splash guard and continuing your bake with ease. 
  • 350W motor, which works magic in the kitchen, allowing for compactness in the Chefette HM680 while still allowing for substantial power to turn your ingredients into the consistency that you’re looking for to achieve the most wonderful of results for your baking efforts. 

Other general specifications for the Chefette HM680 include a weight of 2.3kg; a size of 34.5cm x 39.0cm x 27.0cm (length x width x height); bowl material of polished stainless steel; body material of plastic; tool material of stainless steel; and white as the only colour option. 

The Chefette HMP54

The Chefette HMP54, on the other hand, is a 2-in-1 hand and stand mixer machine that manifests itself as the classic Chefette but with a sleek new makeover that entails a host of new features. It is made to be a no-compromise baking companion for those with smaller kitchens that don’t allow for much countertop space and bakers who don’t yet require a larger mixer but still crave the convenience of a larger mixing bowl for baking. 

The Chefette HMP54 sports similar functions and features to the Chefette HM680, with new and improved areas such as:

  • Increased bowl capacity of 3.5L such that the hand and stand mixer can now handle more significant quantities, including but not limited to whisking up 500ml of cream or batter mixture for up to 24 cupcakes per batch. 
  • SureEject beater release button that is separate from the speed dial to give you the assurance that accidental beater release becomes a thing of the past; in other words, with the Chefette HMP54, you can better focus on getting the right speed of your mix without having to worry about accidental beater release. 
  • Slow speed start option that lets you quickly get to the speed setting you want but reduces the mess when ingredients are at their driest, as a fast burst of speed can easily send flour or the likes billowing into the rest of the kitchen; the pulsing function of the Chefette still remains, so you don’t have to worry about not having the option for a sudden boost of power, too.
  • 650W motor that is designed to provide even greater power but in a quiet manner to reduce noise pollution in your own home kitchen, allowing for more thorough consistencies in your mixtures and the capacity to work on recipes that require mixer machines that are considerably more powerful than the orthodox handheld mixer. 

Other general specifications for the Chefette HMP54 include a weight of 2.55kg; a size of 23.0cm x 32.7cm x 33.5cm (length x width x height); bowl material of polished stainless steel; body material of plastic; tool material of stainless steel; and silver with grey accents as the only colour option. 

Which 2-in-1 Hand and Stand Mixer is Better? 

Of course, the Chefette HMP54 — an enhanced version of its predecessors — offers better features and functionality overall. However, there are still other things to consider when deciding which 2-in-1 hand and stand mixer machine is a better choice for you to go with for your baking needs. 

The first thing you want to consider is the amount of space you have on your kitchen countertop to accommodate your chosen electric mixer for baking. The Chefette HM680 and HMP54 differ significantly in terms of their shape and measurements, so it’s important that you ensure you pick the one that not only fits on your kitchen countertop but also adds to the general aesthetic of your kitchen. Colour is another area that you may want to contemplate on in this regard as well. 

Secondly, there is also the issue of budget. While the Chefette HMP54 may boast new and improved features, it also retails at a higher price as compared to the Chefette HM680 mixer machine. Think carefully on whether the new and improved features are things you will put to good use or enjoy. And which 2-in-1 hand and stand mixer better suits your budget, level of expertise in baking, and the nuanced needs evoked by your specific baking habits, favoured types of bakes, and recipes you often use or wish to pursue.  

Both the Chefette HM680 and HMP54 mixer machines come with Kenwood’s 360 Baking Support. This includes free online workshops; easy upgrades for your baking, cooking, and food preparation kitchen appliances; continual injection of useful content such as baking recipes and tips; and local warranty coverage for labour and parts. 

Still Can’t Decide on Which Baking Mixer to Get? Let Our Experts Help! 

If you are still unsure of which Kenwood hand and stand mixer will better meet your needs, simply reach out to our live baking advisors to get some curated guidance on the matter. 

Our baking experts at Kenwood Singapore include the likes of SSA Culinary Institute, Pastry Mart, Ryan Khang from Wholesome Penang, Chong Wei Tzeh from Sunway University, Sharifah Maria Sahili from UCSI University, and Queeny Cheong from Pastry Chef — all of whom have immense professional experience in their respective fields and are known across the region and the world for being exceptionally great at what they do. 

The best part? These 1-on-1 consultation sessions are completely complimentary, so don’t be afraid to arrange one with an advisor of your choice to enjoy personalised advice and insightful opinions on which baking mixer machine better fits your nuanced needs. 

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If you want to further explore your options outside our Chefette line, be sure to check out our full line-up of handheld mixers and stand mixer machines at Kenwood Singapore. On the flip side, if you’ve already decided on which Chefette to get, you can also complete your baking arsenal with our many baking tools at Kenwood or furnish your kitchen with our commercial-grade kitchen appliances and food preparation equipment

Regardless, enjoy the assurance of quality and sophistication in both design and features when you shop Kenwood hand and stand mixers online in Singapore while also being privy to free delivery services if your order exceeds S$150 in total. 

Happy baking!