6 Singaporean Home-Bakers to Keep Your Eye On in 2021
During the pandemic, one of the most popular pastimes to help us get through the long days cooped up at home was online shopping. Clothing, toys, household gadgets, and most importantly of all, sweet treats. Spotting this growing appetite for cakes and desserts, our talented local home-bakers grabbed the opportunity to showcase their creative skills via platforms such as Instagram and Facebook, sharing these innovative bakes with an online audience hungry for mouthwatering distractions. Boosted by the positive response of their fans, many of these home-bakers continue to develop their small-batch, uniquely flavoured, and lovingly made treats. Here are some home-bakers you should keep an eye on - who knows, one day you might be inspired to use your Kenwood-equipped kitchen to join their ranks!


One thing we Singaporeans and Malaysians unanimously agree on is: people love kueh. This little home-based business is best known for its Kueh Salat, and for good reason! Blue butterfly pea flowers give the kueh its distinctive tinge of blue and pandan provides its unique kaya flavour, like grassy vanilla with a hint of coconut. Both these ingredients are homegrown and handpicked, ready to add to the daily batch of delicious kueh. Don’t say we didn’t warn you: you may get addicted!

Dapiku Sweets

Home-based sweet maker, Dapiku Sweets, is a halal-friendly dessert maker specialising in oh-so-delicious burnt cheesecake, mochi cookies, and classic ganache cakes. Updating these yummy classics with their contemporary twists, Dapiku Sweets shines in their choices of innovative flavours such as a miso-flavoured cheesecake, a salty touch added into a creamy cake, or Gula Melaka babycakes, bite-sized cakes with coconut cream, roasted coconut and caramelised gula melaka. Psst, we personally recommend the Burnt Pandan Cheesecake: roasted coconut crumble with kaya flavoured creamy cheese - need we say more?

Miss Van Dough

Before you get too distracted by the delicious looking Pandan Biscoff Tarts there, hold up. Miss Van Dough bakes her delicious creations out of her home kitchen. Her most popular items are available ala carte, but we recommend getting her specially curated assortment of treats in a mixed set. With hefty cookies flavoured with Gula Melaka Coconut, to instagrammable Blueberry Burnt Cheesecakes, her dessert boxes are some of the prettiest and tastiest we’ve ever laid our eyes and hands on!

Doughmestic Bliss

Love sourdough? Love focaccia? Doughmestic Bliss serves up their beautiful and savoury sourdough focaccias loaded with natural herbs, veggies and a wide range of delicious yet healthy toppings! For the undecided, try their Sourdough Focaccia Omakase, where the chef decides what goes on your loaf based on their creativity with the available ingredients. Best of all? The home-bakers at Doughmestic Bliss strive to be zero-waste so you can enjoy your bakes guilt-free, in an environmental sense at least!.

Tiky Mochi Muffin

Inspired by the mochi (glutinous rice cakes) from Japan and Taiwan, owner Kyer Say of Tiky Mochi Muffin serves up chewy muffins with unique flavours like Ondeh Ondeh, Earl Grey Boba and more! Handcrafted in small batches, the home-based bakery not only puts their heart and soul into these bakes, but they even give back to the community with a portion of their profits donated to charity.

Cielo Pastries

For the more discerning pastry fan, Cielo Pastries serves up handcrafted entremets (a type of French dessert) and pastries from their home-based kitchen. Inspired by classic French cuisine, the creations are not only quaint and photogenic, they are nuanced in flavour and make a great gift! Our personal favourite is the Amore: refreshing lychee rose mousse with nata-de-coco and vanilla genoise. Mmm.