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  1. 5 Reasons To Own A Kenwood Cooking Chef XL

    5 Reasons To Own A Kenwood Cooking Chef XL
    Your trusty stand mixer has become a stalwart of your kitchen. You swear by it for bakes, food prep recipes, and more besides. It’s a veritable assistant, but why stop there? We’d like to introduce a stunning kitchen machine that redefines what it means to have an all-in-one kitchen companion. The Kenwood Cooking Chef XL does everything your stand mixer does, and it also cooks, weighs, and connects to your smartphone. Game-changing? We think so. The addition of the weighing scale, connectivity and touchscreen are what set the Cooking Chef XL KCL95 from its predecessor, the Cooking Chef KCC90, intentionally designed to make your job in the kitchen more seamless. We make a case for why this is one cooking chef that you can trust by your side.

    1. Enjoy a streamlined process

    By now, we’re all pretty familiar with how impressive today’s stand mixers are. We’re accustomed to them having multiple functions and nailing our food prep as well as levelling up our kitchen game. But the Cooking Chef XL takes that one step further to minimise mess and maximise convenience: by having its own integrated induction cooking and built-in scales. Shimmy Croquembouche With the mess-free EasyWeigh scales, you can weigh your ingredients directly into the mixer or through the attachmen
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  2. The Benefits and Uses of Kitchen Machines in Singapore

    The Benefits and Uses of Kitchen Machines in Singapore
    There’s nothing quite like the restaurant experience – the ambience, the service, and above all, the delicious food. But also picture this: the same mouthwatering meal, but in the comfort of your home. Imagine putting your feet up while cradling a warm ramekin of chocolate souffle, or an unhurried candlelit dinner of duck confit for two, without worrying about closing time. How may you rightly ask? Can this be achieved in a home kitchen, without an army of assistants? The answer is yes, but not without the help of a kitchen machine - a team of sous chefs in itself. It may not necessarily replace all your nights out, but here’s the thing: it gives you options. Because the kitchen machines today do more than bake, with the Kenwood kitchen machine range featuring powerhouses that chop, blend, pulverise, knead and grind. The Kenwood Cooking Chef even puts actual cooking on autopilot mode with its induction technology. cooking chef vs thermomix This level of sophistication means that dishes like
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  3. Cake Not Rising? Here’s How To Remedy Common Baking Issues!

    Cake Not Rising? Here’s How To Remedy Common Baking Issues!
    We’ve all been there: it’s a quiet Sunday and the idea of filling your homely walls with the smells of fresh bakes wafts (pun-intended) through your mind. How about a basic chocolate cake? Can’t go wrong with that right? You pore over every detail in the recipe, and head to the supermarket to get your ingredients. Brimming with excitement, you whip out your trusty Kenwood stand mixer that has always been there for you - and you follow all the recipe instructions to a T. Yet, your creations somehow just look like they popped out of an “expectations VS reality” compilation. It’s just not what you expected! Well, baking requires almost scientific precision, and with some trial and error, common baking issues are easy to rectify. Get enough practice and improve your technique, and you might find that your chocolate cake disaster was nothing more than a fun lesson in baking. Here are some common baking issues you may face in your baking journey, and some tips and tricks to resolve them.

    Cracks on the cake

    A cake splitting on top is due to the crust forming too early, while the insides of the cake continue to cook and rise. An oven that is too hot is the likely culprit. Using the right-sized baking pan plays a part, too. Too large and the cake batter spread too thinly and heats up too quickly. Too small and the cake is baked unevenly. The trick lies in placing the cake on the middle rack of the oven to prevent cracks from forming. Or if you have a small oven, put some foil over the tin before putting the cake in the oven.

    Cake sinks in the middle

    There are four possibilities to this problem of cake sinking
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  4. Bringing Your Tiktok Baked Feta Pasta to the Next Level

    Bringing Your Tiktok Baked Feta Pasta to the Next Level
    Have you tried your hand at making that delicious, creamy and easy Feta Baked Pasta that has taken TikTok by storm? While it may look easy, our resident chefs and bakers here at Kenwood have tried their hand at creating their very own versions of the dish and found ways to bring this dish to the next level. Here's how.

    Blend To Create A Smooth Sauce

    TikTok users have reported getting better results from this recipe by pouring the sauce into a blender (first make sure your blender can handle hot liquids!) and whizzing into a smooth, silky sauce. Do this at the end of Step 7 with the help of Kenwood Blend-X Compact Blender.

    Add Colour and Texture

    Throw in some sauteed mushrooms, green beans, spinach, onions or bell peppers for extra vitamins, crunch and colour.

    Beat the Food Coma

    Try whole-grain or buckwheat pasta for an earthier taste, lower calories and higher fibre content. These pastas take longer to digest so you won’t need a nap right after dinner.

    Make It Vegan and Lactose-Free

    Replace the cheese with firm tofu and a rich nut or seed spread, like cashew cream or tahini. Before Step 2, simply blend the tofu, cashews/seed spread with nutritional yeast and garlic powder in a food processor – such as the
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  5. Speedy Chinese New Year Snacks for the Time (and Pineapple Tart) Starved

    Speedy Chinese New Year Snacks for the Time (and Pineapple Tart) Starved
    It looks like we are not out of the Covid-19 woods yet, and we can’t quite let our hair down and enjoy the festivities like we used to. With social distancing regulations limiting only 8 people for Lunar New Year gatherings, this year’s celebrations will be muted and minimalist. But to some, it can be a refreshing change from the yearly toiling in the kitchens, just to cook up a multi-course feast for guests who can’t finish their food. Snacks and small bites that can be easily prepared for a low-key crowd are key to keeping the festive spirit alive, especially in these challenging times. Here is a list of easy to make snacks that can be whipped up in an hour or less.

    Quick pineapple tarts

    Instead of making the pineapple paste from scratch, you could get ready-made from baking supplies shops such as Phoon Huat. *Makes 40 Ingredients for pastry dough:
    • 200g of all-purpose flour
    • 1 egg
    • 1/2 tablespoon of water
    • 100g of butter
    • 1/4 teaspoon of salt
    1. Rub the butter into the flour. Add egg, salt and water. Mix well to create a smooth dough ball.
    2. Wrap the dough in cling wrap and leave the dough in the refrigerator for at least 30 minutes. You could prepare the dough the night before and c
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  6. Kenwood Cooking Chef Kitchen Machine: The All-In-One Kitchen Appliance

    Kenwood Cooking Chef Kitchen Machine: The All-In-One Kitchen Appliance
    It’s the New Year. Your arms are occupied with grabbing tasty snacks off the counter, throwing back glasses of bubbly, and waving those celebratory fireworks. Even if you’re tasked with whipping up some delicious chow for that New Year’s party - or need to create a simple communal dish to impress for the countdown potluck - let our Kenwood Chef XL Titanium - (Stand Mixer) do the work. It’s been a hard year, you and your arms sure deserve a break. What's our favourite feature of the Kenwood Chef XL Titanium? It would be the 24 pre-programmed settings that ease you through your baking process! The easy-to-use programmes will automatically change temperature and even adjust stir intervals and power in the background. If that's not enough to convince you, it also incorporates Kenwood's first-ever heated induction system that enables you to cook meals directly in the bowl! Perfect for busy individuals who love convenience — without compromising on the taste of their food. One thing's for sure, you can’t possibly create an entire meal with just a single stand mixer - it’ll overheat! Well, that’s where you’re wrong - our Kenwood Chef XL Titanium is designed to do the heavy lifting. For us here at Kenwood, we'd say it's one of the best kitchen machines you'd want to own
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  7. Last-Minute Recipes: Eggnog, Hot Chocolate, & Mulled Wine

    Last-Minute Recipes: Eggnog, Hot Chocolate, & Mulled Wine
    You’ve basted the turkey, mashed the potatoes, laid the table and your home is ready to welcome guests for your perfect Christmas dinner. It’s been a whole morning and afternoon of work, and everything is in order. But somehow you can’t help but feel you’ve missed something. Then, you feel your parched throat, and suddenly your craving for delicious, creamy Eggnog hits. Oh no. You’ve forgotten to prep the beverages. Hot chocolate to keep the children well-fed and sleep-ready. Eggnog for the festive must-have. And mulled wine for the boozy Christmas party-goers. So many beverages, so little time. As usual, not to fear, we’re here with our speedy, quick and last-minute recipes for your favourite Christmas drinks. Read on to find out how you can whip up delicious festive beverages for your friends and family to enjoy after a hearty meal.

    5-Minute Blender Eggnog

    Light, deliciously creamy, and only takes the duration of two rounds of Mariah Carey’s “All I Want For Christmas Is You”, this 5-minute eggnog recipe easily whips up the classic boozy drink to hit that holiday spot! Yes, yes, you can pop by the store for some carton eggnog - but why do that when you can effortlessly boast about your homemade version? All you need is your trusty Kenwood Blender, your ingredients, and...voila! For those that are not comfortable drinking raw eggs, remember to get pasteurized eggs and add booze to sterilize the eggnog! Ingredients:
    • 4 large eggs
    • ¾ cup granulated sugar
    • ½ tsp dried nutmeg
    • ¼ tsp ground cinnamon
    • 3 oz cognac
    • 3 oz bourbon
    • 1 ½ cups whole milk
    • 1 cup heavy cream
    1. Add the eggs to the blender and blend on medium for 30 seconds.
    2. Add sugar and continue to blend for another 20 seconds.
    3. Add the rest of the ingredients and blend until combined.
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  8. Your Guide to Making These Delicious Deepavali Snacks a Little More Guilt-Free

    Your Guide to Making These Delicious Deepavali Snacks a Little More Guilt-Free
    Sweet. Rich. Creamy. Greasy. And so delicious. That’s Indian snacks and desserts for you. Eating gulab jamun or murukku may be a frequent occurrence in many Indian households, but to the health-conscious, such traditional treats have become a guilty pleasure due to their high fat and sugar content. As Deepavali celebrations get underway, the time has come to make a decadent feast of biryani, curries as well as traditional Indian sweets and snacks for your guests. There’s simply no avoiding all these yummy goodies at this special time of year, but there are ways to indulge while taking off little ounces (pun intended) of guilt. If you keep half an eye on the calorie count and compensate with the right amount of exercise, you can still enjoy all the festivities in a healthy way. Here’s our quick guide to enjoying a deliciously healthy Deepavali, including some calorie-friendly versions of our favourite Indian delights.

    Gulab jamun – 300 calories per serving of 2 balls; a 60-minute brisk walk

    Gulab jamun is a classic Indian dessert, and possibly the sweetest thing known to mankind. One bite might be enough if you don’t have a sweet tooth. Your guilt-free hack: Made out of deep-fried dough balls consisting of flour, milk and yoghurt, it’s served with a rose water-based syrup. Try preparing a healthier version by using wholewheat flour for the dough balls and stevia or honey for the syrup.

    Kulfi – 180 calories per serving; a 30-minute swim

    Kulfi is dubbed the Indian version of ice-cream, and it’s not hard to see why. It is made by slowly cooking sweetened milk which is flavoured with spices such as cardamom and saffron before being frozen. Nuts are often added, while fruit-flavoured kulfi are also available, too. Your guilt-free hack: For a healthier version, you could skip the sweetened or evaporated milk and use low-fat milk instead, although purist
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  9. Your Everyday Kitchen Work Horse: The Food Processor

    Your Everyday Kitchen Work Horse: The Food Processor
    Stand mixer, bread maker, food processor, and more. Since embarking on your journey as a home chef or baker, you’ve probably encountered at least one of the above appliances. We get it: it might be daunting not knowing where to start, deciding what appliance suits you best and which deserves to be your go-to equipment on your kitchen countertop. While we’ve done a side-by-side comparison of the two most versatile kitchen tools we have to offer, it’s a moot point if we don’t show you just how flexible and amazing they can be. To start with, here’s an in-depth review of one of our favourites - the food processor. This everyday kitchen workhorse is capable of whipping you an entire meal from bread to dessert, and even sauces. Don’t believe us? Our friends at ShareFood have come up with some ways you can get the most out of your Kenwood Multipro Sense Food Processor 810.

    Get creative, and let your food processor do the heavy lifting

    Love sambal chilli but hate having to tear up when chopping onions and feeling the burn from the spicy chilli padi? Take the large chunks of ingredients, toss it in the food processor and let it do the chopping. For the paste variation of the well-loved local dip, go for an additional step of popping the chilli into the blender attachment, add in lime juice, and bob’s your uncle! Not a fan of the sambal’s spiciness? We’ve got you. This food processor can easily whip up fresh peanut butter, baby puree, or even eggless mayonnaise for special diets.

    Shred it, slice it, have it any way you want it

    With 5 creative shredding and slicing discs, the food processor also helps with quickening up your food preparation. For instance, use the thinnest blade to shred carrots, zucchini and other ingredients neatly and quickly. Or choose to flip the blade and use the slicing disc for a nice and thin cut of your cucumbers. With this nifty
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  10. How To: The Basics To Making Your Very Own Kombucha

    How To: The Basics To Making Your Very Own Kombucha
    Love Wholesome contributor Jo-ann Huang brews her own fermented tea and lives to tell the tale! See the second part - flavouring your homemade kombucha here. Kombucha, or fermented tea, is no longer just a trendy drink loved by rich and health-obsessed hipsters. Australian brands Remedy and Mojo now feature widely in chain supermarkets, and homegrown breweries Yocha and Craft & Culture have built up loyal followings. The 2,000-year-old elixir, which is said to have originated in China, has a long list of purported health benefits, including a calmer gut and smoother bowel movements. The benefits come from the live probiotics in kombucha. Billions of good bacteria and yeast help to improve gut health and, in turn, other bodily functions. Kombucha devotees swear by the beverage, claiming that it also promotes appetite control, resistance to skin breakouts and even deeper sleep. Some drinkers feel more relaxed due to the trace amounts of alcohol in kombucha. It also has a delicious, tart flavour that’s sometimes complemented with fruits, fragrant herbs and edible flowers. Drunk chilled, its carbonation and sweet-sour taste make it a refreshing beverage on a sweltering day. There’s only one catch, but it’s a big one: price. As much as kombucha has gone mainstream, at S$6 to S$8 a bottle it’s too expensive for most people to consume every day. I put myself in this group: I tended to buy it if I visited a supermarket, but couldn’t afford to drink it as much as I would have liked. But after scouring the internet, I soon discovered that kombucha is pretty simple to make. After all, it’s the fermentation process that does all the work. I now brew kombucha for myself and my family, and we drink it daily. The most difficult part is bottling the kombucha into glass
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