1. The Benefits and Uses of Kitchen Machines in Singapore

    The Benefits and Uses of Kitchen Machines in Singapore
    There’s nothing quite like the restaurant experience – the ambience, the service, and above all, the delicious food. But also picture this: the same mouthwatering meal, but in the comfort of your home. Imagine putting your feet up while cradling a warm ramekin of chocolate souffle, or an unhurried candlelit dinner of duck confit for two, without worrying about closing time. How may you rightly ask? Can this be achieved in a home kitchen, without an army of assistants? The answer is yes, but not without the help of a kitchen machine - a team of sous chefs in itself. It may not necessarily replace all your nights out, but here’s the thing: it gives you options. Because the kitchen machines today do more than bake, with the Kenwood kitchen machine range featuring powerhouses that chop, blend, pulverise, knead and grind. The Kenwood Cooking Chef even puts actual cooking on autopilot mode with its induction technology. cooking chef vs thermomix This level of sophistication means that dishes like
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  2. How To Optimise Your Kenwood Food Processor

    How To Optimise Your Kenwood Food Processor
    The food processor is the undisputed heavyweight champion in the kitchen. It’s got speed, power, and the astonishing ability to reduce food preparation time. But not all food processors are created equal, nor should they be. It is also one of the top contenders for the title “All-Round Champion of Kitchen Tools”. When matchmaking your needs to the choice of many food processors available in Singapore, it comes down to what you value most. Would you prioritise size? Multifunctionality? Bowl capacity? Does it come with flexible accessories jugs, blades, whisks and more? We can be spoilt for choice when it comes to kitchen machines in Singapore. Still, the rule of thumb is to choose a processor that you can optimise for multiple purposes. Beyond that, it also means selecting a machine that creates opportunities for you to do more. Check out this article where we did a machine comparison on the Food Processor vs Blender.

    Minimise clutter by choosing an all-in-one machine

    Minimalist cooks may consider a smaller processor to avoid taking up storage space. Among the range of Kenwood food processors, we wager the Kenwood
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