Robust Food Blenders Ideal for Every Malaysian Kitchen

For over 7 decades of culinary expertise and technology know-how from Kenwood, we can enjoy quicker and effortless chopping and blending of ingredients with easy-to-use household appliances that automate most of our food preparation methods.

From high-performance blenders for blending just about anything including frozen sips and nut butter to traditional blenders, mini, small or large for everyday creations, you can find the perfect one for your Malaysian kitchen. Our food blenders are made to go the distance, promising durability and longevity. 

We work incredibly hard to manufacture our kitchen blenders that have passed rigorous testing. Built with intuitive operation and stylish finishes that offer a captivating addition with faithful efficiency, a blender from Kenwood Malaysia completes your kitchen in both functionality and style for years to come.

Backed by over 70 years of experience creating outstanding electronic appliances, you can be confident when you purchase from one of the most trusted brands in the market.

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Our product range covers nearly everything you need to create stunning culinary masterpieces. Aside from our mini blenders, our selection of small kitchen appliances available in Malaysia includes smoothie makers and food processors. You may also shop for convection ovens and other baking equipment online!

We offer free shipping directly to your door with an order of RM 250 or more, so there is no better place in Malaysia to pick up a few kitchen must-haves than Kenwood’s online store.

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Frequently Asked Questions about Kenwood Malaysia’s Food Blenders  

How do I use a blender? 

A blender lets you break down ingredients into smaller pieces or reduce them into a pulp. When using a kitchen blender, you can either leverage the pulse function to pause blending intermittently, or set the duration you want your food grind for.

With a kitchen blender from Kenwood Malaysia’s selection of cooking appliances, you can do a variety of things! Blend fruits and vegetables, make delicious, healthy juices and smoothies, and prepare sauces and dips like hummus and pesto to complement dishes. You can also crush ice to make frozen beverages or pureés for baby food. With a blender, you simplify a few steps of the dessert-making process, by being able to whip up cake, muffin and cookie batter quickly. 

Can I use the kitchen blender to grind coffee beans? 

Yes, you can. Coffee enthusiasts will be happy to know that the multi mill, a small attachment that comes together with a Kenwood blender, allows you to grind coffee beans. Prepare finely-ground arabica beans with your kitchen blender. And together with our range of electric kettles that allows you to boil water effortlessly, start making gourmet coffee right in your very own kitchen. 

The mill is also ideal for pulverising small food items like herbs or nuts, where the blender goblet may not be able to sufficiently do the chopping. The special sprinkler caps the blender comes with lets you directly sprinkle your chopped-up herbs and nuts. 

How is a blender different from a food processor? 

A blender and a food processor are built for very different purposes. While a blender is more suited for preparing liquid items like soups, sauces and dressings, food processors on the other hand are made to break down dry food like meats or vegetables. The blade of a blender has an X-shape while that of a food processor is S-shaped, made for cutting rougher, chunkier food items. The processor’s widebody is also made for more heavy-duty tasks like mashing potatoes or kneading dough. Learn more about Kenwood’s range of food processors