Your Everyday Kitchen Work Horse: The Food Processor
Stand mixer, bread maker, food processor, and more. Since embarking on your journey as a home chef or baker, you’ve probably encountered at least one of the above appliances. We get it: it might be daunting not knowing where to start, deciding what appliance suits you best and which deserves to be your go-to equipment on your kitchen countertop. While we’ve done a side-by-side comparison of the two most versatile kitchen tools we have to offer, it’s a moot point if we don’t show you just how flexible and amazing they can be. To start with, here’s an in-depth review of one of our favourites - the food processor. This everyday kitchen workhorse is capable of whipping you an entire meal from bread to dessert, and even sauces. Don’t believe us? Our friends at ShareFood have come up with some ways you can get the most out of your Kenwood Multipro Sense Food Processor 810.

Get creative, and let your food processor do the heavy lifting

Love sambal chilli but hate having to tear up when chopping onions and feeling the burn from the spicy chilli padi? Take the large chunks of ingredients, toss it in the food processor and let it do the chopping. For the paste variation of the well-loved local dip, go for an additional step of popping the chilli into the blender attachment, add in lime juice, and bob’s your uncle! Not a fan of the sambal’s spiciness? We’ve got you. This food processor can easily whip up fresh peanut butter, baby puree, or even eggless mayonnaise for special diets.

Shred it, slice it, have it any way you want it

With 5 creative shredding and slicing discs, the food processor also helps with quickening up your food preparation. For instance, use the thinnest blade to shred carrots, zucchini and other ingredients neatly and quickly. Or choose to flip the blade and use the slicing disc for a nice and thin cut of your cucumbers. With this nifty tool, making this delicious fresh popiah will be a breeze.

3 baking attachments for your home baker needs

The food processor also comes with a built-in weighing scale, saving you the need for another tool, and saves you some valuable time from washing and cleaning. With a whisk, a dough tool, and a metal chopping blade - these 3 attachments offer a world of bakes that you can explore. The whisk works like a stand mixer’s balloon whisk and achieves stiff peaks in just under a minute. The dough tool functions like a dough hook for kneading - before you get too excited, this doesn’t help with bread, though. For that, go for the metal chopping blade, as it doesn’t drag the dough nor leave fragments. Try making this Ang Ku Kueh or whip up some fragrant Ondeh Ondeh with your handy kitchen tool!