The Benefits and Uses of Kitchen Machines in Singapore
There’s nothing quite like the restaurant experience – the ambience, the service, and above all, the delicious food. But also picture this: the same mouthwatering meal, but in the comfort of your home. Imagine putting your feet up while cradling a warm ramekin of chocolate souffle, or an unhurried candlelit dinner of duck confit for two, without worrying about closing time. How may you rightly ask? Can this be achieved in a home kitchen, without an army of assistants? The answer is yes, but not without the help of a kitchen machine - a team of sous chefs in itself. It may not necessarily replace all your nights out, but here’s the thing: it gives you options. Because the kitchen machines today do more than bake, with the Kenwood kitchen machine range featuring powerhouses that chop, blend, pulverise, knead and grind. The Kenwood Cooking Chef even puts actual cooking on autopilot mode with its induction technology. cooking chef vs thermomix This level of sophistication means that dishes like artisanal pizza for friends, a quick family meal of hearty pasta or a crispy rendang roulade come to your table hot, with minimal fuss, and with the assurance of fresh ingredients. For the kitchen maximalist, the benefits of a kitchen machine may go without saying. But to suggest that only dab hands in the kitchen can find it helpful is doing the appliance and the hesitant cook a disservice. We declare that stand mixers and more can also find their place with the kitchen minimalists and newcomers, and here’s why.

It gives you confidence and precision

Culinary alchemy is conjured with confidence, and a steady, dependable machine could help ease your way into getting comfortable in the kitchen. No matter if you’ve tied an apron on for the first time; your sturdy kitchen machine is there to reduce mess and avoid kitchen mistakes. Machines such as the Kenwood Prospero+ were created to eliminate apprehension about slicing and dicing, with a food processor made to shred vegetables for coleslaw or meat for pulled pork sandwiches, or chop through hardy ingredients like nuts. Simple cakes become just a matter of tipping ingredients into the deep bowl and using the K-beater tool. Like with any appliance, there are no limits to what you can create. However, what is most important is being equipped with tools that also do the basics well enough for you to build your skills upon.

It allows you to maximise your time

Time is a slippery thing in the kitchen, where things always take longer than we think they will. Treat your kitchen machine as the sous chef that halves your prep time and best of all, never tires (creaming butter and sugar? A literal piece of cake). Multitasking in the kitchen is all but a given, so let your Kenwood stand mixer relieve some of that stress of your shoulders, and take the responsibility upon its powerful motor. More speed, more control The control knob on Kenwood kitchen machines allows you to seamlessly turn up the speed without stops, making for greater control in choosing your exact mixing speed. Always start on a lower speed before gradually turning things up, especially if you’re mixing wet and dry ingredients (it’ll keep your counter splatter-free). Don’t neglect the pulse function: what this does is to give you short bursts of powerful mixing. This controlled approach prevents over blending or processing, especially if you’re trying a recipe out for the first time.

It’s a multifunctional game changer

If only the homemakers of a century ago could see this now. Part of the magic of the kitchen machine is its ability to transform. The reassuringly solid stand is a vehicle for multiple attachments, with the Kenwood Titanium XL KVL8300S proffering 20 optional attachments to pick and mix for your needs. This machine wasn’t just built to ease your baking journey (with a dough hook, folding tool, K-beater and more), but it can also get as niche as they come. We’re talking blenders, pasta rollers and meat grinders, opening the door to expansive and interesting dinner menus. Dishcloths make for storage solutions We don’t like clutter any more than you do, so the quickest and most convenient solution to store your attachments is in the mixing bowl itself. Wrap them in a dishcloth before placing them within: not only does this prevent scratches, but it also keeps the dust-out. Organising your kitchen machines will also make your workspace cleaner and neater. And if you prefer to store your kitchen machine out of the way, keep a dishcloth under the base when in use. This makes it easier to slide the machine across and off the counter and reduce heavy lifting.

It’s in it with you for the long haul

Because here’s the thing: you’re not going to be a kitchen novice for long. A kitchen machine isn’t meant to be a chi-chi appliance used on occasion it’s made to make your life easier, whether it’s to rush a meal out for the children, or throwing a lavish supper party for eight. Personalised support can also be found with the Kenwood 360 Baking Support, together with tips on how to get that head start. The benefits are what you make it out to be, and we’d wager that it’ll surprise you. We’re also pretty sure that you’ll surprise yourself. Thinking of what you can concoct with your kitchen machine this holiday season? Here's a simple Gingersnap Cookie recipe to indulge in with your guests! [caption id="attachment_14933" align="alignnone" width="704"]gingersnap cookie recipe Here's some warm homemade Gingersnap Cookies topped with Sugar recipe! [/caption]


  288 g all purpose flour
  2 tsp powdered ginger
  1 tsp baking soda
  1 tsp ground cinnamon add and reduce to your preference
  ½ tsp ground cloves
  a pinch of salt
  1 tbsp water
  100 g softened margarine
  128 g granulated white sugar
  1 large egg
  96 g molasses
  2 tbsp white sugar to roll finished cookie on



Preheat your oven to 180 degrees for 10-15 minutes.


Sift together all your dry ingredients — the flour, ginger, baking soda, cinnamon, cloves, and salt. Once done, set aside.


In another large bowl, whip the margarine and sugar until light and fluffy. Gradually add the egg, water and molasses until it forms nicely together.


Next, stir all the sifted dry ingredients into the mixture.


Shape dough nicely into walnut-sized balls and rolls them in the remaining sugar for that crispy outer layer crunch.


Grease the balance of your margarine onto your baking pan, at least 2 inches apart from each other.


Bake for 8 to 10 minutes in the preheated oven and allow cookies to cool on the baking sheet for at least 10 minutes before placing them onto the wire rack for complete cooling. Once cooled, store your cookies in airtight container if you're not serving them straight.