Make This Delicious Banana-Chocolate-Peanut Cake with Caramel Drizzle
Looking to bake something a bit more special than your usual brownie? We’ve got a delicious banana chocolate bundt cake recipe for you today! We’re topping the cake with a smooth caramel drizzle, and you can choose to sprinkle chopped peanuts on top for a little extra crunch. Why bundt cake, you ask? Honestly, bundt cakes turn out looking prettier than other cakes. But if you have a normal cake pan (like the type used for pandan cake), then feel free to use that! Our tips for nailing this recipe: As with all good banana-related baking recipes, the riper your bananas, the more fragrant the cake will be! How ripe? Wait until the majority of the banana skin turns dark brown – but not black. For the melted butter, leave a little for generously greasing your bundt cake pan – this will ensure your bundt cake comes out clean.

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