Fruit Juicer Machines in Malaysia


Fresh fruits and vegetables are vital for a healthy lifestyle. However, living a busy life can make it difficult to get the recommended portions of fruits and vegetables throughout the day for a balanced diet. This is where our juicer machines come in handy for a quick fix!

When you buy a juicer blender online from us, you can rest assured you can get every serving quick and easy. This means you can enjoy a delicious juice, be it lime, carrot, orange, pomegranate or otherwise, at any time of the day. With a range of options to choose from, you can find the juicer machine you need from our online store.

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Buy juicer blenders online that are built tough

When looking for a juicer with a blender, you must feel confident in the workmanship undertaken to ensure its longevity and robustness. Our story began many decades ago, and since our beginnings in the home electrical appliance industry, we have worked incredibly hard to create products that are not only great to look at but are also highly durable. These juicing machines will last our customers years, a mark of Kenwood’s quality.

You can purchase a suitable juice extractor in Malaysia from Kenwood suited to your needs and budget, and enjoy a healthful drink when you crave one! 

Blender with juicer extractor and more

Apart from our juicers for celery, oranges, lemons and other fruits and veggies, we house plenty more in Malaysia for you to refresh your kitchen.

Our smoothie makers will blend fruits to whip up velvety-smooth drinks you are sure to adore. Perhaps you need a new food blender for a recipe you have been eyeing for a week - it will effortlessly blend all your ingredients for a good cooking base. 

Our long list of home appliances means you can save time from going store to store to re-kit your kitchen; you can get everything you need right here! With our free shipping for any order RM 250 or more, there has never been a perfect place to shop!

Get more information about a juicer extractor machine

Looking for a fruit juicer but unsure of where to start? Do you have a question about one of the juicing machines listed on our online catalogue? Take a look at our FAQ section below to get started. Send us a message using our enquiry form or talk to us through one of our live chat support agents online.


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Frequently Asked Questions about Kenwood Malaysia’s Fruit Juicers 

What are juicer machines good for? 

Juicer machines are useful for extracting juices from various fruits, vegetables, and herbs. By crushing and grinding, the juice is squeezed out of the pulp, perfect for those making their juices at home. Having a fruit juicer at home can be incredibly convenient, cost-effective, and a valuable addition for budding chefs. Such a tool can make cooking a much shorter and efficient process, as it takes the manual labour out of juicing. 

Kenwood Malaysia offers a wide selection of juicer blenders that can help streamline your processes in the kitchen. 

How much does it cost to deliver juicer blenders in Malaysia? 

Cart out with an order worth RM 250 and above to enjoy free delivery of your fruit juicers to selected destinations in Malaysia. The delivery will take place approximately  3-5 business days upon making the purchase. For orders below RM 250, we still offer delivery for orders with a fee of RM 8. You can also opt for in-store shopping with a Kenwood outlet near you - luckily, you can find us in popular shopping malls across Malaysia!

Alternatively, you can read more information about our delivery services online or drop us a message to enquire

Does Kenwood Malaysia offer other cooking equipment and tools besides juicers? 

There is something for every budding cook with Kenwood Malaysia. From various baking equipment and tools such as electronic scales to bread and waffle makers, we offer a wide range of cooking equipment and tools guaranteed to make your journey to becoming a home-certified chef a smooth one. Having the right tool can make all the difference in your cooking journey. Speed up your cooking preparations with our collection of smaller kitchen appliances and expand your fruit juicer collection with food choppers and hand blenders too!