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Malaysia’s Top Handheld Immersion Blenders

Compact, quick and convenient, a hand blender from Kenwood Malaysia can do the work of many kitchen utensils. Be in awe at just how easy they make it to whip up whatever ingredients are required for you to cook all your favourite meals, that too, in a fraction of the time.

Choose from a variety of stick blenders at fantastic prices here - you are bound to find the perfect one for your kitchen when you shop with us.

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How a stick immersion blender can transform the way you cook

No matter your culinary skill level, adding one of these handheld blenders to your kitchen arsenal will always take the cooking experience a notch higher. Here is why you should pick one for yourself today:

  • Minimal effort is needed. Instead of transferring ingredients from a bowl or cup to the blender and back again, you can use the handheld machine to blend everything in the pot or pan you have chosen to cook your meal in.
  • They save you precious countertop space. Whether you lack space on your countertop to accommodate a full-sized blending machine or simply prefer to keep it spotless for aesthetic reasons, a stick blender is so easy to store away in a cupboard - even when little room is available.
  • Cleaning is a breeze. It is no secret that cleaning a full-sized blender can be arduous. With an immersion blender, this could not be further from the truth. Just run the head and neck underwater a while and leave to dry - simple! 

Buy a stick blender, hand mixer & many other appliances in one place

Instead of having to switch from one online shop to another to pick up everything you need for your kitchen, we make it easy by offering everything you need under one roof. Whether it is an electric whisk you are after to whip up some delightfully fluffy cream, a food chopper for quick ingredient preparation or one of our hand blenders, Malaysia’s Kenwood store has what you need to get the job done.

Discover more about our immersion blenders today

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