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Buy Electric Hand Mixer Machines in Malaysia

Novice and experienced bakers alike would know the monotony of whisking and mixing by hand, that too with great effort. Our simple and efficient electric mixers whisk everything together quicker and with absolute ease, streamlining the way you bake. No more arm aches and sweaty foreheads in the kitchen!

Catering to various customer needs, our range of electric hand mixers come in a variety of prices and specifications. You can find a suitable mixer right here at Kenwood Malaysia.

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Kitchen hand mixers for cake & so much more

With decades of experience in the electrical home appliances industry, Kenwood delivers on and beyond the mark, promising unparalleled performance. When you buy a hand mixer, rest assured it is an investment for it is made with design, quality and innovation in mind, engineered to last the toughest of whisks. Whether you are using the hand mixer for a cake dough or simply after its electric whisk feature to make deliciously fluffy scrambled eggs, the mixer makes your kitchen experience a whole lot easier. 

Buy hand mixers, electric choppers & more for your kitchen

In addition to these fantastic hand mixer machines and electric whisks, why not take advantage of our free shipping for orders RM250 and over? Browse other products on our site and upgrade your entire array of kitchen appliances from one convenient place!

From mini choppers perfect for whipping up healthy baby food to bread toasters for crunchy breakfasts and much more, our extensive range covers all your needs.

Would you like to know more about our kitchen handheld mixers?

We are here to assist you should you need further information about these electric mixers or another product you have your sights on. Simply send us an online enquiry or speak to us via our live chat!