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  1. Stand Mixer, and much more!

    More than just a Stand Mixer
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  2. Crispy Prawn Roll Recipe by Spice N’ Pans

    Crispy Prawn Roll Recipe by Spice N’ Pans
    What's not to love about this crispy tea time snack? This local snack is easy to make, bursts with flavour, and can be completed in a little over an hour. Perfect for a little teatime indulgence or an appetiser to whet your appetite before going heavy on the mains. In this National Day Special, we are happy to have Chef Roland Lim from Spice N Pans share his Crispy Prawn Roll recipe with us. Let's get started!


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  3. Beef Rendang Recipe for The Soul

    Beef Rendang Recipe for The Soul
    Photo by HungryGoWhere Dreaming of a spicy beef Asian delicacy to indulge your senses? Beef Rendang could be the dish for you. Rich, spicy, flavourful and creamy, this slow-cooked, coconut-based beef dish is the ultimate comfort food. Popularly known as ‘rendang daging’ in Singapore and Malaysia, there are many versions of this much-loved recipe from different parts of Southeast Asia, such as Indonesia, Brunei and Southern Thailand. This dish is often served at special occasions during festive seasons. Whether it’s an engagement ceremony or a Hari Raya open house event, this dish has truly become a house favourite. Some variations include Rendang Daging Minang (or Rendang Nogori) , Rendang Tok, and Rendang Ayam. If you’re not a fan of the plain ‘ol ribeye steak ‘salt bae’ style, then the flavourful Beef Rendang would
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  4. The Only Ayam Masak Merah Recipe You Need for Raya

    The Only Ayam Masak Merah Recipe You Need for Raya
    Photo by Cookido It’s Raya season! With all the talk about the glorious Hari Raya dishes that will be cooked for gatherings, one dish will never shy away from the spotlight. That’s right, it’s Ayam Masak Merah! The mere mention of this dish will send all avid Nasi Padang lovers into salivating mode. What’s not to love about this dish? It hits all the right notes with the fragrant tang of lemongrass and ginger, the fiery kick of the sweet sambal and flavourful turmeric infused chicken. In fact, Ayam Masak Merah has become synonymous with Hari Raya festivities and sighted in many local Nasi Padang or Nasi Campur stalls in Singapore and West Malaysia. While there are many variations to this traditional heritage recipe, this one’s sure to bring your taste buds dancing in ecstacy. What’s the secret to whipping up a great tasting Ayam Masak Merah? The key will be a longer cooking time for your sambal and being adventurous with your sugar options for sweetening of the dish. Just skip the white sugar and opt for a combination of gula melaka
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  5. Chicken Dumplings Recipe: A Healthy Dim Sum Treat

    Chicken Dumplings Recipe: A Healthy Dim Sum Treat
    Think about the best chicken dumplings that you've tasted, but this time - with a crunchier, healthier, juicy and sweet wrap! Hmm, but is Dimsum healthy in the first place? Good news, it can be depending on the ingredients and mode of preparation! For our friends who are practising the keto diet, this recipe would be perfect for you. Because forget flour wrappers, this Chicken and Cabbage dim sum takes it up a notch by replacing them with the mighty cabbage instead. Alternatively, you can always go dough-free! Stinge on your salt and use natural flavouring such as anchovies. Anchovies release a rich, umami flavour that can add a layer of complexity when emulsified in a sauce or soup. With cabbage acting as a natural sugar substitute, this dim sum is a balance of sweet and salty. Besides, there are so many natural substitutes - both cooking and baking substitutes that could make their way into your dish. If you're already getting hungry, let's dive right in. Try this recipe, because we're sure it will definitely make it to your list of favourite dim sum treats. This recipe used the Kenwood Multipro Compact.
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  6. You Can Do It Too: Delicious, Crispy Spring Rolls

    You Can Do It Too: Delicious, Crispy Spring Rolls
    Imagine this: Bite down on a freshly-friend, wonderfully crisp spring roll with a juicy vegetable and mushroom filling. Sound good? Today we’ve got a flaky, juicy, and easy spring roll tutorial for you right here. Spring rolls are a very popular appetizer at restaurants, but they can cost quite a bit, considering the relatively simple ingredients that go into making them. Why not make your own at a fraction of the cost? The best part is that, you can add anything you want into these delicious little bites. This recipe is more of the classic vegetarian variant, but you can absolutely add your own. These are some of our favourite additions:
    • Turnip, for that extra crunch
    • Minced meat (if you want it more filling)
    • And let’s not forget to pair these with your favourite sauce. We say, go for a Thai sweet chili.


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  7. Simple Ginger Marmalade (or Ginger Jam)

    Simple Ginger Marmalade (or Ginger Jam)
    Looking for a simple homemade gift to give out this festive season? Here's a simple recipe of ginger marmalade that you can pack into glass jars, tie with a little bit of brown string and baby's breath, ready to go. First off, ginger marmalade you ask? Well, yes. This recipe uses a simple jam-making formula that you can apply to any kind of fruit you like, so if you're not feeling the fiery warmth of ginger, feel free to substitute with strawberries, oranges, or anything else you fancy. Ginger marmalade is special because it combines the spicy warmth of the root cooked down with a sweet hit of sugar. This goes great on fruit-and-nut loaves, sourdough bread, or even on the side of a savoury dish (like lamb or chicken). It's super versatile. Tips on choosing the right ginger for this recipe:
    • The fibrous, stringy parts of ginger root won’t soften as much while cooking, so be careful to use new, fresh ginger.
    • Once you reach the tough fibrous parts, stop shredding the ginger so they don't end up in your jam
    Second, if you're new to jam making, you'll notice a mysterious ingredient in the list. Pectin! What is that? Pectin is a gelling agent routinely used in marmalades, jams, and jellies, because when it's cooked at a high temperature with acid and sugar, it creates a nice gelatinous texture. Once you've got this recipe down pat, go crazy! Add basil, honey, lemon zest, peaches - all these are great condiments to pair with the kick of ginger.
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  8. Vegetarian Beancurd Roll or Ngo Hiong

    Vegetarian Beancurd Roll or Ngo Hiong
    Ngo Hiong simply means five spice in Teow Chew language; this is a fantastic dish made with sliced taro and carrot instead of pork meat, but the classic flavour has been retained with five spice powder and good quality white pepper powder.


      4 large flexible tofu skin sheets for wrapping
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  9. 20-Minute Honey-Glazed Chicken Wings: Easy Cooking With Kids!

    20-Minute Honey-Glazed Chicken Wings: Easy Cooking With Kids!
    Keep those little fingers (and mouths) busy with this recipe! Children love to be involved in group activities and the kitchen is full of curious things to play with. Cooking with your kids also educates them on healthy food choices and introduces them to food preparation, so that they may grow up to be independent adults. Here's an easy recipe to try with your kids, and they'll love devouring the sticky-sweet wings too!

    Honey-glazed chicken wings

    These sweet and sticky chicken wings are baked in the oven and are a less fatty alternative to fried wings. The honey marinade takes just minutes to prepare and is made with kitchen staples, so you don’t have to make the trip down to the supermarket. Smaller wingettes and drumettes soak up the marinade better and they are well-suited to children’s hands. Get your kids to lay the marinated wings onto the oven baking sheet and brush the honey glaze on them before putting them in the oven. Optional - you can add sesame seeds and chopped spring onions as a garnish before serving.


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  10. Easy Veggie Fried Spring Rolls

    Easy Veggie Fried Spring Rolls
    Quick and easy, these Vegetable Spring Rolls are a healthy and simple treat to make. Be it a snack or a meal, these spring rolls are a completely portable to-go option that is sure to be a hit with everyone.


      12 rice paper wrappers
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