Beef Rendang Recipe for The Soul
Photo by HungryGoWhere Dreaming of a spicy beef Asian delicacy to indulge your senses? Beef Rendang could be the dish for you. Rich, spicy, flavourful and creamy, this slow-cooked, coconut-based beef dish is the ultimate comfort food. Popularly known as ‘rendang daging’ in Singapore and Malaysia, there are many versions of this much-loved recipe from different parts of Southeast Asia, such as Indonesia, Brunei and Southern Thailand. This dish is often served at special occasions during festive seasons. Whether it’s an engagement ceremony or a Hari Raya open house event, this dish has truly become a house favourite. Some variations include Rendang Daging Minang (or Rendang Nogori) , Rendang Tok, and Rendang Ayam. If you’re not a fan of the plain ‘ol ribeye steak ‘salt bae’ style, then the flavourful Beef Rendang would
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