The Complete Guide To Kenwood Stand Mixer Machines

The Complete Guide To Kenwood Stand Mixer Machines

Turning ordinary ingredients into something delectable and indulgent is the magic of avid cooks, whether you are an amateur looking for convenience or an enthusiast who loves to experiment. Regardless of the type of cook you are, having your own set of tools elevates your experience in the kitchen. Arguably one of the essentials is the electric stand mixer. At Kenwood, a stellar range of stand mixers caters to your every need, from entry-level machines to premium kitchen mixers for everyday cooking.

In this comprehensive guide, let us walk you through Kenwood’s collection of stand mixers, so you can make an informed choice on the best appliance to add to your arsenal of countertop tools to hone your culinary skills.

Why stand mixers

Investing in a stand mixer or a kitchen machine may set you off for quite a bit. That’s why it is  important to decide if the stand mixer is the right tool for you. Kenwood carries alternatives that can serve similar purposes, like hand mixers, which are equally versatile and handy to have for your cooking and baking escapades.  

Kenwood’s stand mixers, however, are the heavyweight champions of the collection. With the various accessories or optional attachments as they are known readily available, you can bake plenty of different items ranging from bread to cakes. As you go a step further, you will realise that investing in separate attachments for your stand mixer can turn it into a juicer, a meat grinder, or even an ice-cream maker, making it almost a complete kitchen solution! If there’s anything that Kenwood knows, it's how to make the most versatile tool for every household . As recipients of the coveted iF Design Awards and Red Dot Awards, you can trust Kenwood stand mixers to deliver first-class quality right at home.

What are the Kenwood stand mixers available?

Entry-level machines for convenience and beginner-friendly experiences

You know who you are - the food lovers who have awakened to their culinary sixth sense, and are keen on exploring the art of creative cuisine. For beginner cooks, zooming in on Kenwood’s line of smaller stand mixers may be wise. Choose between three options - the Chefette, Prospero+ Compact, and the Chef stand mixer, with volumes ranging from 3L to 4.6L - that’s around eight to 12 egg whites!




For true beginners, the Chefette 3L HM680 is arguably the best option. It’s a hand and stand mixer combo that is just the right size to accommodate your first baking experiments so you can create something for you and your family to sample. You get away with the same quality of bakes with a smaller volume, and without having to worry over which attachments to use. The Chefette is a true beginner-friendly machine, designed to accompany you through your virgin bakes. Take this experience further with Kenwood’s 360 Baking Support Programme. Explore your interest, develop your skills and experiment with different baking styles as you hone your craft in your kitchen. 

Whether you have more queries about the mixer or looking for baking tips, be sure to book a one-to-one personalised consultation with one of Kenwood baking advisors such as the SSA Culinary Institute to get all your questions answered. 

When you are ready to purchase, you can be assured that Kenwood would be there from the very first stage of your baking journey such as getting you to start confidently with a complimentary baking class with MyWeekendPlan   



For beginners who are ready to try something more robust, the Prospero+ may be worth considering. The Prospero+ Compact KHC29.J0SI is a 4.3L stand mixer that comes its own  selection of attachments to chop, slice, grate or even blend your ingredients, making it extremely versatile while ensuring leeway for space on your kitchen counter. With an electronic speed control that offers a softer touch for mess-free baking and planetary mixing for stellar ingredient incorporation, this Kenwood stand mixer is ideal for the confident beginner cook, who has taken a step beyond the hand mixers to venture deeper into the culinary world.



For the intermediate baker looking for a machine that allows for extraordinary experimentation within a conservative range, take a peek at the Chef 4.6L KVC3100S. The original Kenwood Chef that sparked the creativity in generations of kitchens, this stand mixer is the trustworthy companion at every step of cooking. Make the best use of the machine with over 25 optional attachments and turn it into a meat grinder, a pasta roller, or a food processor, all in one. At its capacity of 4.6L, this is the perfect volume for experienced bakers looking to create just enough to feed a family, and possibly more. To get you started, the 1000W powered machine comes prepacked with basic attachments such as the iconic k-beater, wire whisk and dough hook. Be part of generations of bakers with the Kenwood Chef range. Plus, the pulsing function allows you to control a short burst of power at the optimum speed, putting you in control how long the machine run and thereby avoid situations such as over-processing. In fact, this function is available on all Kenwood stand mixers including the Prospero, Chefette and Chef 4.6L machines onward. 

Advanced baking mixer machines for the culinary experts 

It’s no secret that as you become more skilled, basic machines barely scratch the surface when it comes to more intricate bakes. Culinary experts and devoted food lovers will require more powerful cooking and baking system – that is  where Kenwood’s bigger stand mixers shine. Choose from three of the state-of-the-art machines - the Chef XL, Titanium Chef XL and the Cooking Chef XL. All three can hold volumes of up to 6.7L, or around 16 egg whites, perfect for home and industrial use. For those moving from the Chef 4.6L to these three machines, you get to use the same high and slow speed outlet attachments (excluding bowl tools) as they are compatible across. If you are unsure which attachments are compatible, be sure to check the Kenwood stand mixer attachment compatibility guide.


Kenwood Chef XL 6.7L 4100S – for bakers and chefs ready to take their culinary skills up the next level




The Chef XL 6.7L KVL4100S  is a great step up from the Chef stand mixer - the difference apart from size, volume and the accessories they come with is a powerful motor of 1200W. This means that your modus operandi for baking does not require much adjustments; you can begin creating almost immediately upon setting up. The Chef XL stand mixer is useful for culinary experts looking for an upgrade without the hassle, and at a relatively friendlier price point.

Be sure to see the Chef XL 6.7L in actions and you know you made the right choice.



Kenwood Titanium Chef XL 6.7L KVL8300S for the passionate home bakers




For devoted cooks looking for a more sturdy option, the Titanium Chef XL 6.7L KVL8300S powered by its 1700 motor and in-bowl lighting, it is the ideal machine. This behemoth comes with its own set of perks - complimentary on-demand concierge for servicing, an extended warranty period of one to two years upon warranty registration and a 10-year guarantee on the motor. To ensure you are well-equipped to start off, the Titanium Chef XL 6.7L comes packaged with a range of default attachments such as the iconic stainless steel k-beater, a whisk, a dough hook, a creaming beater that beat soft butter mixtures smoothly while incorporating air into your mixture at precise angle alongside a folding tool.

Discover the Titanium Chef XL 6.7L in actions. 




Truly, this is the option for the bakers who know that a single bake can feed an entire party, or the baker with dreams of their own bakery.

Kenwood Cooking Chef XL 6.7L KCC9040S– a stand mixer that cooks


Amongst devoted and experienced connoisseurs are the ones who understand that sometimes cooking and baking cannot be separated - they are the difference between your left and right hand. For these crème de la crème culinary masters, the Cooking Chef XL 6.7L KCC9040S is built specifically for this purpose with an extremely powerful motor of 1500W. . This machine comes with similar perks to the Titanium Chef XL, except that it is also a convection cooker and stand mixer in one. 




Coupled with 24 pre-programmed settings and prepacked with six stainless steel attachments which include the k-beater, power whisk, dough hook, creaming beater as well as cooking tools such as the stirring tool and steaming basket, the Cooking Chef XL offers the highest level of creative output, offering you the opportunity to not just bake, but cook for your loved ones as well using induction heating directly in the mixing bowl.

Discover the Cooking Chef functionalities to meet all your family needs.




Shop for stand mixers with Kenwood

With Kenwood stand mixers, you no longer need to rely on the bakery nearby when your pastry cravings set in - you can now have your cake and eat it too. Equipped with the right accessories and attachments to help you reach your culinary potential, you can relish Michelin-standard quality without having to step outside. 




Reinvent your favourite bakes at home with Kenwood stand mixers. You can now share your creative culinary spirit with your loved ones, engaging them in the fine details of your focaccia, carrot cakes or even beef goulash, all with the help of an award-winning Kenwood stand mixer

Complete your experience with a fine set of attachments, complimenting your stand mixer and spicing up your culinary journey. You can be assured to be in great hands when you need to shop for Kenwood stand mixers should you need a walk-through of Kenwood products through the baking advisors, customer service team, or live chat support.