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Explore your creativity for the joy of baking and cooking

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SSA Culinary Institute

SSA Culinary Institute is currently the largest halal baking school in Singapore. Speak with one of the baking advisors to get baking tips or advice on Kenwood stand mixers or baking appliances.
Pastry Mart

With a team of over 25 years in the industry, Pastry Mart is popularly recognised as a bakery and pastry-based ingredients specialist in Singapore. Speak with one of the baking advisors to get baking tips, advice on Kenwood baking appliances, hand mixers, stand mixers or baking ingredients.
Ryan Khang, Wholesome Penang

In the field of food production, there are chefs and there are food scientists. Both sets of skills are needed to create food products that are delicious, healthy and shelf-stable. Chef Ryan Khang combines these hybrid disciplines and refers to himself as “research chef”.

Being well-versed in science and culinary arts, he has worked in all sectors of the food industry from setting up restaurants to helping optimize finished products for foodservice sectors, as well as producing healthy products under his brand “Wholesome Penang”. He is also on board the Kenwood Baking Expert Panel.

The Cooking Chef KCC9040.S is one gadget that Chef Ryan’s uses almost everyday.
Chong Wei Tzeh, Sunway University

With over 20 years of experience in culinary training and education. Chef Chong gives lectures at Sunway University, School of Hospitality and Service Management, Malaysia. His culinary expertise includes the area of Western Cuisine, Patisserie, Viennoiserie and Boulangerie.

Besides teaching, Chef Chong has won numerous awards in both international and national culinary competitions. His commitment towards students’ skill development has helped students and the university to garner multiple awards at both international and national levels. As a coach, he has led the Malaysia Junior National Culinary Team in the IKA/Culinary Olympics 2020 in winning Gold in Restaurant of Nation.

The Titanium Chef XL 6.7L KVL8300S is his day-to-day tool for experimentation
Sharifah Maria Sahila Binti Syed Ali Hassan, UCSI University

Chef Maria has over 10 years in hotel industry in pastry production as well as teaching in pastry, bakery, kuih and desserts.
Currently, she is a lecturer with UCSI University in Malaysia and is on board Kenwood Baking Expert Panel.

The Titanium Chef XL 6.7L KVL8300S is her go-to stand mixer for her creations.
Queeny Cheong, Pastry Chef

Based in Selangor, Malaysia, Chef Queeny Cheong is well versed in pastry making. Being adventurous, she is always in search of new techniques that are culinary related. Queeny has also participated and won numerous local and international awards in culinary competitions including FHA Culinary Challenge, Battle of the Chefs and Malaysia Global Chef Challenge to name a few. From bread making to western cuisine, Queeny can answer all your questions about baking and Kenwood’s range of stand mixers.
  • Thank you for a great sharing session on the Titanium Chef XL. Chef Ryan was very knowledgeable and provided great insights on the right ingredients for my bakes
    - Jessie

  • Very helpful tips from SSA advisors to address my questions on Kenwood products in choosing the right products for my needs..
    - Elsie


Be inspired by our baking and food community. We bring like-minded people together to share our passion for baking and cooking. If you love creating new bakes and dishes while picking up new culinary skills, learn in a meaningful way through our partner bakers and chefs.

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