How Kenwood's Hand Mixers For Baking Make It A Convenient Process

How Kenwood's Hand Mixers For Baking Make It A Convenient Process

The learning curve to overcome for amateur bakers can sometimes be daunting, and even prompt one to quit altogether. Yet, with anything new to be learned, the process is worth the journey as you not only discover the joy of a new world but possibly a journey to self discover your hidden culinary talent.. With baking, it is not much different. 

While the pandemic has accelerated interest in home baking, for those who have begun exploring baking as a new hobby, it is not surprising to feel overwhelmed with the various online video tutorials. This often occurs due to the lack of tools required, or the prerequisite knowledge it takes to work on certain recipes. 

Whether you are a beginner baker or homemaker, the key is to always start small, and learn steadily. Kenwood’s hand mixers are a great alternative for beginners in Singapore who are keen to get started but not ready to invest in a behemoth that is the size of a Chef XL stand mixer Here are the reasons how Kenwood’s premium hand held mixers can make your baking journey more manageable. 

Kenwood Hand Mixers

At Kenwood, it’s no struggle picking out baking equipment that is suitable to your experience and skill level. For true beginners of baking, Kenwood electric hand mixers offer the best technology delivering both quality and expertise. These are some of the most known, reliable and beginner-friendly household appliances, and Kenwood’s long-standing legacy in kitchenware is a testament to their performance. 


HandMix Lite

The HandMix Lite is Kenwood’s most powerful electric hand mixer to date. While being lightweight and ergonomic, but carrying 450W, this hand mixer is designed to power through even the most complicated recipes, giving you better results in a short amount of time. Designed with five speeds, it provides you with the option of starting slow to avoid mistakes and going the fastest when you feel like you have no time to waste. For bakers who prefer the gentle route, the HandMix Lite’s pulsing function allows you to slowly and carefully mix your ingredients, arriving at a smoother concoction. 

The HandMix Lite is easy to set up, clean and store. Fit with two removable stainless steel beaters and kneaders, the machine is easy to clean - simply press the safe eject button to detach the attachments. Moreover, the ergonomic design allows you to set your mixer down on the countertop easily before you reach out for more ingredients, eliminating any potential mess. It also rests comfortably in one’s hands, so there's no worry about accidental slips!

With the HandMix Lite, one can arrive at high-quality bakes, with a dependable hand held mixer, designed to last you through ages. This is the perfect companion for any casual baker, and it will see you through your various bakes, from cookies to sumptuous pastries. Mix anything and as much, from 10 egg whites to about one litre of batter - trust the machine to do all that you ask! 


Chefette 3L

For the bakers who can afford to go a step higher, the Chefette 3L may be an ideal choice. This is both a  hand mixer and stand mixer combo conceived for beginner bakers who want to reduce mess as much as possible. At 350W, this mixer is similar to the HandMix Lite in that it boasts five speeds and comes with the same pulsing function for gentler bakes. The SureGrip handle is designed for you to have the best hold while mixing the ingredients. 

Working with bigger quantities leaves even the most experienced of bakers susceptible to a mess in the kitchen. With the splash guard, you do not have to worry about that anymore. What makes the Chefette special, however, is its rotating bowl. Simply drop your ingredients into the 3L metal bowl, and watch as the bowl rotates in the direction counter to the direction of the mixer, effectively incorporating all ingredients together to create a smooth blend, mess and fuss-free.

Whether you’re a beginner or someone who enjoys baking for family and friends, the Chefette is a great investment. While incredible for its ease of storage, it promises the same, high-quality bakes of bigger, more powerful machines. 

360 Baking Support Programme

What do the HandMix Lite and the Chefette 3L have in common? As the hand mixers are designed with new bakers in mind, these household appliances come with the 360 Baking Support Programme. A Kenwood exclusive initiative, the Kenwood machine is geared to help beginners ease into their baking journeys. By purchasing any of the two mixers above, you are entitled to be part of this programme, offering you support throughout your baking experience. 

Baking is more exciting when you join in the fun with other bakers. When you purchase any of Kenwood’s hand or stand mixers that qualify for the program, upon warranty registration, you will receive an invitation to book a complimentary baking starter class in collaboration with MyWeekendPlan. With the help of SSA Culinary Institute, one of the largest halal baking schools in Singapore, you can also gain access to one-to-one personalised sessions for baking advice, with Kenwood’s in-house baking advisor or a professional baker to attend to all your baking enquiries. 

Easy Upgrade Programme

When you feel like you have advanced far enough to graduate from the HandMix Lite or Chefette 3L, you may upgrade your baking equipment to a 6.7L stand mixer - Chef XL, Titanium Chef XL, or the Cooking Chef XL - and enjoy a price offset. If you are unsure which stand mixer to upgrade to, check out the complete guide to Kenwood stand mixer machines to learn about which baking appliance is most suitable for your next upgrade.

After successfully registering the warranty for your newer, bigger stand mixer, you will receive an e-Shop code to offset the original retail price of your HandMix Lite or Chefette, all within 90 days.


Start your baking journey with Kenwood

Discovering a new hobby is always enjoyable. With creative tasks like baking, it is not an exception. In fact, baking as a hobby is a healthy pursuit that will train you to understand food and dessert like never before, and to appreciate the process of arriving at your favourite cake, muffin, souffle or cookie. Or, it could be a fun-filled family baking session where you discover new foods with your loved ones. With Kenwood hand held mixers, you can be assured that you are beginning your baking journey with the most reliable and robust technology in the market, coupled with the 360 Baking Support Programme created to guide you with tips and workshops along your journey. 

At Kenwood, you can be confident that the brand goes the extra mile in cultivating generations of bakers.