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*Only suitable for kitchen machines with slow speed outlets, and compatible with hex twist connection outlet. Kitchen machines with a bar twist connection outlet requires a Bar-to-Hex Adaptor KAT001ME. For more information, refer to our kitchen machine attachment compatibility guide.


Transform your stand mixer into different food preparation appliances with a range of attachments, designed to make your food preparation more convenient for you. With more than 20 attachments to choose from, you'll be spoilt for choice knowing what your Kenwood stand mixer can do.


The slow rotary motion of the attachment is especially useful in achieving the perfect results for grating parmesan cheese, nuts and chocolates. With 5 different types of drums, you can choose between fine or coarse shredding, slicing and rasping.


  • Die-cast aluminium
  • 5 drums - fine shredding, coarse shredding, fine slicing, thick slicing, rasping
  • Hex twist connection system
  • 1.55kg
MYR 495.00



 *Stand mixer featured in the video is Titanium Chef XL 6.7L KVL8300S.


This handy, all-in-one attachment is a perfect helper for those dreadful kitchen chores. Position your kitchen machine bowl under the roto food cutter for continuous action of slicing, grating and even rasping of large quantities of ingredients. Perfect for cheese and chocolate that require a slower speed for best results.
kenwood stand mixer attachments rotary slicer grater features 1



Creating exciting recipes you never made before and explore other attachments that you can fit on your kitchen machine. Discover the world of culinary art and tasty food recipes through our blog.
kenwood stand mixer attachments rotary slicer grater features 2



With 5 high-quality interchangeable drums for different usage, you’ll find your food preparation a breeze. The high-performance slicing, shredding and rasping drums will help you get all your ingredients perfectly processed.
Slicing drums (ideal for fruit and vegetables), grating drums (ideal for nuts, chocolates, cheese and carrot), rasping drum (ideal for parmesan and potato)
kenwood stand mixer attachments rotary slicer grater features 3



Suitable for stand mixers with a slow-speed outlet only (excluding Prospero series).


If you need assistance with the right optional attachment for your kitchen machine, find more information in our stand mixer attachment compatibility guide, or chat with us to find out more.
kenwood stand mixer attachments rotary slicer grater features 4



— How To Assemble —

 *Stand mixer featured in the video is Chef XL KVL4100S.


— Slow-Speed Outlet Compatibility —




If you own older bar attachments and have just recently upgraded your Kenwood stand mixer, you will still be able to use your old attachments without the need to replace them.


Kenwood’s bar attachment adaptor KAT002ME will provide you with the full flexibility to create a whole range of delicious dishes and treats using just one stand mixer.


kenwood stand mixer attachment adapter bar




If you have an old kitchen machine with a bar connection system on the slow-speed outlet, use the hex twist attachment adaptor KAT001ME to fit a whole new range of exciting Kenwood attachments.


Find yourself spoilt for choices with a variety of attachments that will enable you to create a whole range of delicious dishes without replacing your favourite stand mixer.

kenwood stand mixer attachment adapter twist




Outlet Slow speed outlet
General specifications
Weight (kg) 1.55
Size (LxWxH) (cm) 12 x 13.7 x 21.3
Colour Polished
Body material Die cast aluminium

What's in the box

kenwood stand mixer attachments rotary slicer grater features 3x1 Rotary slicer attachment 

x2 Slicing drums (1 thick and 1 thin)

x2 Grating drums (1 thick and 1 thin)

x1 Rasping drum


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