Bar-to-Twist Adapter - Slow-speed attachments - Baking


Do you have old slow speed attachments like pasta roller, food mincer and grain mill that can't fit on your new Kenwood Kitchen Machine? Use this adapter!

MYR 40.00


  • twist

    Twist Connection System on new machines

    Newer Kenwood Kitchen Machines use the Twist Connection System to fit slow speed attachments. 

  • bar system

    Bar Connection System on older machines

    If you own older attachments that use the Bar Connection System, they will not fit on newer machines.

  • bar to twist

    Fit your older attachments onto new machines

    This "bar to twist" adapter easily attaches to the slow speed outlet at the front of your machine so you can use your older Bar attachments with new machines. You don't have to buy new attachments!


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