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Suitable for 6.7L stand mixers models such as KCC9040, KVL8300,  KVL4100, KQL6300, KVL6100, KMM040, KMM020, KMM770, KM040, KM005, KM636. For more information, refer to our kitchen machine attachment compatibility guide.


For 4.6L stand mixers, use Folding Tool 4.6L.


Need a new kitchen helping hand? Explore Kenwood's range of attachments and accessories that are made to help simplify your chores and allow you to create amazing dishes easily. Kenwood's patented folding tool enables you to create light fluffy mousses and souffles with delicate folding motions and paddles. This tool incorporates air into your mixture by folding both heavy and light ingredients to achieve the airy consistency you need for your bakes. It gently scrapes from the bottom to the top and allows the mixture to fold nicely in every turn.


For best results, ensure that mixture is not over-mixed, and use the folding tool on low speeds to ensure soft textures.


  • NOT high-temperature resistant (do not use with high-temperature ingredients or for cooking, e.g. with Cooking Chef.)
  • Unique patented design
  • Dishwasher safe
MYR 189.00



 *Stand mixer featured in the video is Titanium Chef XL 6.7L KVL8300S. 


Kenwood’s folding tool for 6.7L kitchen mixers is one of its kind, designed to replicate the folding motion which is key in many cooking and baking recipes. It allows gentle incorporation of air into both heavy or light ingredients to achieve light fluffy textures. Ideal for soufflés, mousses, and even macaroons.
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Making delicate desserts that require higher levels of control and skills? Learn more recipes on how to achieve the perfect consistency and discover more wholesome baking content in our blog.
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Suitable for stand mixers with 6.7L bowl capacity only. KCC9040, KVL8300, KVL4100, KQL6300, KVL6100, KMM040, KMM020, KMM770, KM040, KM005, KM636.

If you need assistance for the right optional attachment for your kitchen machine, find more information in our attachment compatibility guide, or chat with us to find out more.
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