Quality Small Kitchen Appliances

Bring a little bit of magic to your meals! Our wide range of small appliances include everything you need to create truly delicious dishes everyone will love. 

Our selection comprises the appliances that will complete your functional kitchen, from blenders and smoothie makers to food processors and more. With no extra shipping costs for orders totalling $150 or more, be sure to take a good look through our whole store to enjoy free delivery. 

Apart from these fantastic small kitchen appliances, we also have kitchen equipment to help with baking and cooking as well as various specialty appliances like bread makers and digital scales for you to explore the possibilities of home cooking.


Personal blenders for speedy smoothies, traditional blenders for everyday creations, and larger performance blenders for something out of the ordinary – find the perfect one for you.

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  1. Blend Xtract Blender 2L
    Blend Xtract Blender 2L


    SGD 39.00

  Food Processors  

Need a little inspiration to create more interesting dishes or add more variety to family mealtimes.

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  1. Multipro Compact 2.1L
    Multipro Compact 2.1L


    SGD 129.00
  2. Multipro Compact FDM302SS
    Multipro Compact 2.1L


    SGD 199.00
    Out of stock
  3. FDP623WH
    Multipro Home 3L


    SGD 399.00
    Out of stock
  4. Multipro Sense Food Processor FPM810
    Multipro Sense 3.5L


    SGD 599.00

  Hand Blenders  

A softer touch for easy and quicker blending, whether for a smoothie pie or creamy soup.

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  1. Triblade HDP102WG


    SGD 59.00
  2. Triblade HDP109WG


    SGD 99.00
  3. Triblade Hand Blender HDP406WH


    SGD 169.00

  Hand Mixers  

Mix things up with our wonderfully capable hand mixers for easy and speedy cooking.

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  1. HandMix Lite
    HandMix Lite


    SGD 49.00
  2. Chefette Metal Bowl Hand Mixer HM680
    Chefette 3L


    SGD 179.00


Go electric and have everything chopped in a fraction of the time at just the touch of a button.

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  1. Mini Chopper CH180A
    Mini Chopper


    SGD 49.00
  2. Quad Blade Chopper CH580
    Quad Blade Chopper


    SGD 69.00


From just a tinge of golden to well done and everything in between, making the perfect toast is a delight as is its first crunch.

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  1. Scene 2 Slot Long Toaster TTM470
    Scene Long 2-Slot Toaster


    SGD 99.00

  Smoothie Makers  

Healthy living made easy with functional smoothie makers for the most healthful goodness in a cup. 

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  1. Blend Xtract SB055WG


    SGD 69.00
  2. Blend-Xtract Smoothie Maker SMP060WG
    Blend-Xtract Sport


    SGD 79.00


Relish every drop of the vitamin-rich juices of your favourite fruits and vegetables using a Kenwood juicer.

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  1. Centrifugal juicer JE680
    True Centrifugal Juicer


    SGD 129.00
  2. PureJuice Pro JMP800SI
    PureJuice One Slow Juicer


    SGD 239.00


An assortment of kettles to suit various budgets and needs.

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  1. Cool Touch Kettle
    Cool Touch Kettle


    SGD 59.00
  2. Glass Kettle 1.7L
    Glass Kettle 1.7L


    SGD 139.00
  3. ZJM810RD
    Mesmerine 1.6L Kettle


    SGD 149.00
  4. ZJM810BK
    Mesmerine 1.6L Kettle


    SGD 149.00
  5. ZJM810BL
    Mesmerine 1.6L Kettle


    SGD 149.00

Frequently Asked Questions About Kenwood’s Small Appliances


Which Kenwood small kitchen appliances can I buy online?

You can purchase all types of small appliances from our kitchenware selection, from handy blenders and mixers to toasters and kettles.  

How much will it cost to ship one of these small kitchen appliances?

Standard delivery costs $5, but if you spend $150 or more, complimentary shipping is on us.

Do Kenwood’s small appliances come with a warranty?

All Kenwood electrical appliances purchased from our online store come with a one-year local warranty that covers labour and parts (excluding accessories). Register your Kenwood product here.