Digital Scale

Digital Kitchen Scales in Singapore 

We all know that cooking and baking are not an exact science. However, certain recipes call for a specific amount of ingredients that, if not accurately measured and properly portioned, can result in a less-than-perfect dish or dessert.

WIth one of Kenwood Singapore’s electronic kitchen scales, you can feel 100% confident that you are getting highly accurate weight measurements every single time you use them in the kitchen. This means the meal you have worked hard to prepare will come out tasting just the way you want it.

Digital scales are an absolute must for every Singapore kitchen, and if you need total accuracy, you can count on our range to get the job done. Have a look online and shop away!

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From electronic scales to much more under one roof 

When you shop at Kenwood Singapore, digital kitchen scales are just the beginning of what we have to offer. Our vast array of products available include everything from countertop ovens that heat up quickly and bake at perfect temperatures to electric grills for draining off all the excess oil and so much more.

Further, we offer free delivery to any local address when your order hits $150 and over. Perhaps there has never been a perfect time to give your kitchen equipment an upgrade with premium-quality, stylish Kenwood items. Browse our collections, cart out your favourite items and wait for your delivery!

Need more information about digital weighing scale by Kenwood Singapore? 

If you have questions about our digital scales or any other product we have available online, there is no need to worry! Our customer service team is just as first-class as our products and will answer your questions with clarity. Contact us via our handy enquiry form or chat with us when we are online!