Premium Raw Feeding Appliances for Pet Food

Raw feeding is becoming an increasingly popular way to feed pets, and if you’re looking for the right appliances, you’ve come to the right place. Whether you’re a committed raw feeder or looking to provide home-cooked food for your pet’s increased wellness, our raw feeding appliances will serve you more than sufficiently well, designed specifically for raw feeding pet foods suitable for cats and dogs. 

The Kenwood collection of raw feeding appliances includes grinders and mincers that can help break down proteins into smaller pieces more easily and safely. We also offer dehydrators for those who wish to make their own treats or dry foods for their cats or dogs at home. All raw feeding appliances from Kenwood Singapore are made from high-quality materials to last through years of use and fitted with sophisticated technologies and features that make raw feeding convenient and fruitful for you and your pets. 

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The Science of Raw Feeding

Raw feeding provides a more natural and nutritious diet for cats and dogs as opposed to one consisting solely of processed foods. Raw diets can be composed of anything from meat, vegetables, grains, eggs, organs and bones, with meal plans carefully designed to provide your pets with the array of nutrients they need to thrive. 

Proponents of raw feeding believe that it's closer to what their pets would eat in the wild, which results in improved digestion, brighter eyes and healthier coats. Some pros of a raw food diet for pets include: providing essential vitamins and minerals like zinc, phosphorus and calcium; being free from added preservatives or fillers; containing higher levels of beneficial omega-3 fatty acids; aiding weight control with its high protein content; helping reduce environmental allergies; and strengthening the immune system of cats and dogs. 

However, It's important to note that raw feeding should be done carefully as it can pose cons, such as a danger of foodborne illnesses if not handled correctly or prepared using the right machines. In this regard, always ensure you source your meat from a reputable supplier, use safe handling strategies, and follow veterinarian-approved guidelines. The right appliances can also go a long way in providing your pet with the right nutrition when it comes to raw feeding. 

Grinders or grinder attachments, food processors, and immersion blenders are all essential for making recipes safe and palatable for your cats and dogs. Grinders or grinder attachments allow you to easily reduce bones into small pieces, while food processors take care of everything from chopping vegetables like carrots or broccoli, blending different nutritious ingredients together, as well as pureeing cooked meals and grinding meat mixtures. Finally, blenders are ideal for creating smoothies or soups that help give pets additional micro and macronutrients.

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Need more information on our raw feeding appliances at Kenwood? Reach out to our live baking advisors to find out more through our complimentary 1-on-1 consultation service. From how to use our appliances to prepare dog or cat food to unique differences between appliance models, our experts are trained to help you make the best-informed decisions through personalised advice. 

Frequently Asked Questions About Raw Feeding and Kenwood Raw Feeding Appliances

At what age can I start raw feeding my dogs or cats?

When it comes to raw feeding, dogs and cats can usually be transitioned to a raw diet as soon as they are weaned. Generally speaking, an appropriate age for transitioning any pet to a raw diet is 8 to 12 weeks. However, it's important to consult with your veterinarian before making any dietary changes for your pet, as different breeds may need more or less time to transition to raw foods.

How to transition a dog or cat to a raw diet? 

The transition process should be gradual for cats and dogs, and should begin with a small proportion of raw food added to the existing diet. The amount of raw food can then be increased over a period of time until your pet is eating an all-raw diet. To make things easier, you can start off by introducing foods that have similar textures or flavours as those they are used to eating.

Do Kenwood raw feeding appliances come with a warranty? 

All Kenwood appliances in Singapore — be it raw feeding appliances, food preparation appliances, kitchen appliances, or baking appliances — come with a one-year local warranty covering labour and parts. The only exceptions are stand mixers offered under our Chef Perks programme, which are covered under two years of local warranty. 

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