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Love to customize your own desserts but worried about what goes into your favourite ice cream or dessert? With Kenwood’s Frozen Dessert Maker, you will be able to create a plethora of desserts that not only fulfill your own but also the cravings of your loved ones.


Relax, knowing that your desserts have no artificial flavorings and harmful substances. Choose what you want and modify it according to your preferences, from lactose-free yogurts to vegan ice creams. You will be able to create plenty of your favorite flavors in the freezer with a 1L bowl.


With an improved paddle, consume your desserts within 30 minutes after making them. No longer spend hours waiting for your ice cream to freeze. Put a smile on your loved ones' faces by whipping up a recipe in a matter of minutes.


  • Compatible with: KCL95.004SI, KCC9040S, KVL8300S, KVL4100S, and KVC3100S
  • 1L capacity
  • Dishwasher safe


If your stand mixer model is not stated here, please chat with us to enquire more or you can also explore other attachments on the Kenwood Stand Mixer Attachment Compatibility Guide.

SGD 199.00



  *Stand Mixer featured in the video is currently not available



With an improved paddle, you can easily freeze your ingredients within 30 minutes and minimize ice participles. There's no better way to satiate your sweet tooth than with a delicious, fully personalized ice cream.

Kenwood Frozen dessert Maker 1L KAX71.000WH feature 1 lifestyle image showcasing closed up ice cream image



Specifically designed to have a capacity of 1L to ensure that you have the proper amount of ice cream in your freezer yet do not waste time creating the same recipe repeatedly. Furthermore, with the new design, you can rest assured that it will fit nicely into most freezer compartments.

Kenwood Frozen dessert Maker 1L KAX71.000WH feature 2 lifestyle image with a woman making ice cream

The bowl's form has been ergonomically designed to make it as convenient as possible. Additionally, you may save all cleaning hassles by just placing the paddle and adaptor in the dishwasher. Simply concentrate on spending quality time with loved ones over a cup of dessert.

Kenwood Frozen dessert Maker 1L KAX71.000WH feature 3 placing it into the cooking chef xl stand mixer




Working capacity (L) 1
Dishwasher safe parts Yes
Outlet Bowl outlet
General specifications
Weight (kg) 1.71
Size (LxWxH) (cm) 16.37x24.19x28.71
Mixer size Chef & Major/Chef XL
Colour White
Body material Plastic


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