Kenwood Consumer Baking Tools, Cooking Equipment & Food Preparation Appliances

Kenwood brings its extensive expertise and history of providing commercial-grade baking tools, cooking equipment, and food preparation appliances for both household and commercial use into its consumer appliances. Built to encapsulate both function and form, our consumer baking, cooking and food preparation appliances feature the best of sophistication in technology and contemporary design. 

Shop Kenwood Singapore for all your consumer kitchen appliance needs — from baking tools to bake with ease, to kitchen cooking equipment, and even appliances that make for easy food preparation at home, we at Kenwood have got you covered. Find all you need for healthy, delicious home-cooked meals and more at Kenwood Singapore today.

Bake with Ease with Kenwood Baking Tools

Our baking tools at Kenwood promise pleasurable experiences and great results hand-in-hand. Whether you’re an amateur home baker or a professional chef, our baking appliances can help you achieve kitchen masterpieces via their optimal blend of quality, innovation, and design. 

Whether it’s a stand mixer, hand mixer, convection oven, or even a bread or waffle maker  you’re looking to furnish your kitchen countertop with, you’ll find something perfectly suitable at Kenwood Singapore. We even have all sorts of stand mixer attachments and miscellaneous baking tools that make for easy baking at home with no mess or stress.

Shop Kenwood baking tools and appliances today.

Kenwood Cooking Equipment for Home Kitchens

Kenwood cooking equipment for home kitchens is trusted worldwide for its unrivalled quality and innovation, as well as timeless designs that can spice up any kitchen decor, no matter the overarching aesthetic. Their superb functionality provides for easy and convenient home-cooked meals that are not only healthy and delicious, but also prepared without breaking a sweat. 

Our diverse line-up of cooking equipment at Kenwood also means that there’s something for just about anyone. You can be looking for convection ovens, electric blenders, electric grills, or even smoothie makers, and you’ll find a suitable option here at Kenwood Singapore. We also have fruit juicers, water kettles, toasters and sandwich makers, and more.

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Food Preparation Made Easy with Kenwood Appliances

The many menial, manual tasks entailed by food preparation at home can deter any chef or baker from preparing a delicious home-cooked meal. However, with the right tools and appliances, food preparation can be made easy and convenient at no expense of quality in taste, texture, or aesthetics. In fact, our food preparation tools at Kenwood Singapore don’t just enable easy food preparation but also enhance the end results of your cooking or baking endeavours.  

From food processors to hand blenders to powerful electric choppers, we have it all here at Kenwood Singapore. There’s something for everyone and every budget with our extensive range of food preparation appliances, so be sure to grab what you need to bring a little magic into your home-cooked meals with ease.  

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Need Some Advice for Kitchen Furnishing? Let Us Help!

At Kenwood, we have a dedicated team of live baking advisors who are always eager and ready to help our customers. Simply reach out to them for a complimentary 1-on-1 session if you need guidance on what baking tools or cooking equipment will best level up your desserts and dishes or turn food preparation into an easy and convenient task. 

Be sure to also keep an eye out for any ongoing promotions at the time of your purchase, so you fully leverage our deals and discounts to make the most out of your investment into your home.



Frequently Asked Questions About Kenwood’s Baking Tools and Cooking Equipment

Where can I find more information about Kenwood’s consumer baking tools and cooking equipment?

Each of the baking tools, cooking equipment, and food preparation appliances listed on our site comes along with a full description of product features and specifications in the box when you purchase the item. We also have a library of product guides for selected appliances so you can check those out too. 

How long will the delivery take if I order baking tools online from Kenwood Singapore?

Kenwood ships locally to all Singapore locations, with a standard delivery time of 2 - 3 business days for our baking tools, cooking equipment, and food preparation appliances. We deliver from Mondays to Saturdays, 9am - 10pm, except for public holidays.

Find out more about Kenwood’s delivery services.

Do Kenwood cooking equipment come covered under a local warranty?

Yes, all Kenwood appliances come with a one-year local warranty covering labour and parts, excluding accessories. This is regardless of whether you buy them online or from our physical retailers in Singapore. The only exceptions to this are the stand mixers offered under our Chef Perks programme, which come with an additional year of local warranty on top of the standard one year. 

Find out more about Kenwood’s warranty policies.