Celebrate Deepavali with Our Diwali Sale at Kenwood Singapore 

As the festival of lights approaches, Kenwood Singapore is excited to offer an exclusive range of Deepavali deals and promotions on a wide selection of baking and kitchen appliances. With huge discounts on our most popular products, our online Diwali sale has something for everyone. From sleek and stylish food processing tools to hand and stand mixers that provide unparalleled performance, Kenwood has everything you can possibly need to make your Diwali celebrations truly special. So don’t wait – browse our full range of offers today and take advantage of our exclusive Deepavali deals before they’re gone!

Whip Up a Feast for All to Enjoy this Diwali 

During Diwali, it is customary for families and friends to gather together to not only exchange gifts but enjoy a feast in celebration. Traditional dishes lined across the dining table are a common sight that is much welcomed by all, even more so if they are home-cooked with heart and love. However, the food preparation for such an enormous spread can be tiresome and time-consuming — something you absolutely won’t have to worry about if you have your very own Kenwood food processor. 

Our food processors are fast workers in the kitchen, allowing you to more conveniently cook up a wide array of amazing dishes that your family and friends are sure to love. Whether you’re in need of blending, chopping, slicing, grating, kneading or otherwise during the food preparation process, our food processors can get the job done for you. Get one for your home today, and enjoy exclusive deals and promotions available during our Deepavali sale.


Bake the Best Deepavali Desserts You’ve Ever Accomplished

Sweets and cookies are essential to Deepavali celebrations because they symbolise the sweetness of life and the hope for a prosperous future. They also help to bring people together in happiness and enjoyment, fostering bonds of love and friendship. Whether you're looking to bake traditional sweets or something more modern this Diwali, we at Kenwood have got you covered with our electric handheld mixers that turn the mundane and tedious tasks of whipping cream and the likes into a simple and efficient process where you won’t even have to break a sweat.

Make full use of our special Diwali deals and promotions at Kenwood Singapore, and get yourself a hand mixer that is generously discounted from its original retail price this Deepavali. Grab them while stocks last! 


Turn Down the Heat in Crowded Rooms of Guests with Refreshing Smoothies

While getting together with friends and family is often a joyous occasion, the heat that can come from overcrowded rooms can sometimes get in the way of you, your guests, and a good time. But it doesn’t have to be this way at all. This Deepavali, make sure everyone stays fresh and cool with homemade smoothies, fresh fruit cocktails, or any other blended drink of your choice. Simply toss the ingredients into your personal Kenwood smoothie maker, and enjoy the delicious cups of fresh goodness. 


Need Other Appliances for the Perfect Diwali Celebration? We Have Them, Too! 

Of course, apart from the items featured above, Kenwood Singapore also has a whole plethora of other useful appliances for sale. Browse our full collection of food preparation tools, baking appliances, and kitchen equipment to find what you need, and enjoy giving your kitchen the upgrade it deserves when you shop our Diwali sale at Kenwood! 

Frequently Asked Questions About the Diwali Sale at Kenwood Singapore

Are there deals and promotions on all Kenwood products during the Diwali online sale?

While not every product is discounted, there is an abundance of special deals and promotions for all to enjoy during Kenwood Singapore’s Diwali sale. To check what items are on sale at promotional prices and what deals we have curated this Deepavali, browse our eShop to find item-specific discounts that are applicable during the online Diwali sale at Kenwood.

Are there returns or refunds available for products discounted during the Deepavali sale?

All food preparation, baking, and kitchen appliances from Kenwood — whether bought in an exclusive Diwali deal or otherwise — come with a one-year local warranty for labour and parts, with the only exceptions being the stand mixers under our Chef Perks programme that come with two years of local warranty. There are no refunds allowed at Kenwood Singapore. 

Find out more about our warranty policies here

Can I only shop Kenwood products online or do you have a physical store I can visit?

On top of our eShop, you can also find our food preparation, baking, and kitchen appliances for sale at major departmental stores all across Singapore. 

Find an official Kenwood distributor near you today.