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Add a touch of style to your kitchen with a very stylish Kenwood toaster. Kenwood electric four-slice toasters can be relied upon to serve up perfectly browned slices time after time that goes well with your favourite jam, butter or cream cheese and warm up pastries, baguette or buns, so you get to relish in fantastic breakfasts (or late-night snacks) every day.

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Toaster for bread & pastries

These toaster machines let you achieve the browned crisp to your liking - from a very slight cook to more well done - by using the adjustable browning dial. Whether it is the standard compact toaster to the two long slots that can fit either two or up to four slices of bread, you can prepare breakfast or tea breaks for yourself or the whole family quickly and easily all at the same time!

You can also warm up your favourite pastries on the in-built bun warming rack, or defrost bread that you stored away in the freezer so you can easily whip up your favourite sandwich without needing to wait around for it to thaw on its own.

Why get a toaster for bread from Kenwood?

When you choose a Kenwood product, be it one of our bread toaster machines or other kitchen equipment on our online store, you are choosing a brand that has made a name for itself in the electrical appliance industry through our consistent delivery of innovative, top-quality and design finesse for over 70 years.

Our intensive quality control processes mean you purchase nothing but the best each time you cart out, not just in terms of its functionality but also design. Any Kenwood product lets you add a touch of style to your Singapore kitchen and enjoy unmatched longevity.

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In addition to these bread toasters, Singapore customers can take advantage of our free shipping for orders of $150 and over by getting all of your kitchen appliances here at Kenwood. Our long list of products range from powerful food processors to quality hand mixers and so much more.

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