Furnishing a home can be hard when most electric kitchen appliances compromise between form and function. At Kenwood, however, we simplify the designs of our home kitchen appliances and baking equipment, removing all unnecessary features to allow for unrestricted versatility packed into smart, sleek designs.

With so many top picks in the catalogue, Kenwood has become a favourite for interior designers and homeowners around the world. Our large array of product choices and unrivalled aesthetic designs have inspired many to transform their home kitchens into something more: a home kitchen they can be proud of, with electric baking and kitchen equipment that deliver on all fronts.


Utilising the power of UK-based design and engineering, Kenwood has been innovating in the space of the efficient and compact home kitchen and baking equipment since 1947.

With such a long and reliable history, you can rest assured that our products will live up to the test of time. Our mission is to help families in Singapore rediscover their passion for cooking and baking in their own kitchens, delivering commercial-grade results at home-appliance costs.




Timeless Design

Our designs stress simplicity, allowing an aesthetically-pleasing look that works well with most styles.

Large selection to choose from

With so many variants, you can freely choose a home kitchen equipment that fulfils your needs.

High-quality built inside and out.

Besides looking great, our electric kitchen appliances are built with first-rate materials, ensuring longer lifetime use.

Do it just like the professionals

Get the same results as commercial restaurants with our easy-to-use design approach that levels the playing field.

Fun for the whole family

A welcoming design also means the whole family can join in and discover the joy of cooking and baking for themselves.

Loved by interior designers around Singapore.

Known for its flexibility and timeless aesthetic, Kenwood has built a name on being the designer’s favourite choice when it comes to home kitchen equipment.


Kenwood home kitchen equipment and baking appliances are loved by families all over Singapore. Our simple designs produce delicious results, with even professional chefs and bakers looking towards Kenwood electric appliances as the standard for kitchen hardware.

And while looks are great, cooking and baking can get quite overwhelming without the right home kitchen appliances and baking equipment. If looking at technical specs makes your head spin, don’t fret. Just book a 1-on-1 session with our baking advisors and we’ll answer any and every question you might have about our electric kitchen appliances. With expert advice from professionals in the industry, you’re bound to find an answer. Sign up today and enjoy a complimentary session!

Frequently Asked Questions About Kenwood Home Kitchen Equipment

What kinds of home kitchen equipment does Kenwood carry?

Kenwood’s home kitchen equipment range includes appliances that cater to just about all food preparation needs, from baking to table-top kitchen equipment and appliances to all other food preparation essentials. Browse our eShop today; you’ll surely find all you need to provide a gourmet experience for your family and all your invited guests.

Do Kenwood hotel kitchen and baking equipment come with a warranty?

Where are Kenwood electric kitchen appliances from?

We design and engineer our electric kitchen appliances in the UK, and assemble our home kitchen and baking equipment in our Kenwood factory in China.

Where are Kenwood electric kitchen appliances from?

Upon receiving your home kitchen equipment order, we will engage our third-party logistics partner immediately. They will then pick up the goods from our warehouse and proceed to deliver them to you in as swift a manner as possible. 

We deliver Mondays - Saturdays, 9am - 10pm.