To many, Singapore is a foodie’s dream come true. Besides, if there’s one thing that travellers love to do, it’s eat. So, imagine how much disappointment can arise when hotels are unable to satisfy the cravings of their guests in Singapore.

But it doesn’t have to be that way, especially when it’s easier than ever to equip your hotel with a fleet of commercial kitchen equipment and baking appliances fit for any gourmet wonderland. All you need is a great supplier, and Kenwood is here to help in that regard, and empower all hotel owners in Singapore to commit to getting a fully stocked kitchen — toasters, grills, spiralizers, and more.

The secret to delivering a great gourmet experience to your guests during their stay lies in your hotel kitchen equipment. Talent aside, having the right commercial kitchen equipment and baking appliances can really speed up and enhance the cooking process and results. When you have all the little tasks taken care of, you can then direct your attention to giving your customers the culinary experience of a lifetime.


Kenwood has been manufacturing industry-grade commercial kitchen and baking appliances even before Singapore’s independence. With decades of expertise, we’ve built a reputable name as a supplier in the culinary scene for not just commercial-grade ovens for hotel use, but all sorts of easy-to-use table-top kitchen equipment and baking appliances that promise unparalleled results. 

 From food preparation all the way to the dining table, our award-winning designs carry the same principle of simplicity and functionality, making Kenwood the first choice for real professionals and more.



    Simplify your food prep with multifunctional food processors that integrate flavours from all your ingredients.


    No more coming in early mornings to chop vegetables. Our electric choppers can slice and dice ingredients in a pinch.


    Give your hotel guests a personalised pasta taste with our range of pasta makers that even Italians love.



Joy at the push of a button

Rediscover the joy of cooking and baking with easy-to-use commercial kitchen equipment with little to no setup.

Beauty and a beast

Performs well in any commercial setting and looks good doing it.

The right fit for any kitchen

Multiple variants at multiple price points in order to accommodate all budgets and cuisines.

Trusted by bakers everywhere

Resilient and built with high-quality materials, Kenwood’s commercial kitchen and baking equipment will last for years to come.

Save the best for last

Give your guests unforgettable memories with a dining experience that goes beyond their expectations.

Everything you need to run a world-class kitchen

Our commercial kitchen and baking equipment are used by renowned restaurants around the world.


A country is nothing without its cuisine. That’s why it’s so important to set the right tone and give your hotel guest a dining experience they won’t forget. Talent can get you pretty far. But the right commercial kitchen and baking equipment can inspire your hotel chefs to deliver something out of this world.  

It's always best to hear it from a professional. So check in with our panel of live cooking advisors and get insight into the practices of a real commercial kitchen. Our 1-on-1 sessions are complimentary so there’s nothing to lose and everything to gain.

Frequently Asked Questions About Kenwood Hotel Kitchen Equipment and Baking Appliances

What kinds of commercial hotel kitchen equipment does Kenwood carry?

We carry all kinds of hotel kitchen equipment that covers just about any food preparation needs you’ll experience from running a hotel. From baking appliances to kitchen equipment to all other food preparation essentials, Kenwood Singapore has the commercial hotel kitchen equipment you need to provide a gourmet experience to all your hotel guests.

Do Kenwood hotel kitchen and baking equipment come with a warranty?

All Kenwood commercial kitchen equipment and baking appliances come with a one-year local warranty. This covers labour and parts excluding accessories, but the stand mixers under our Chef Perks programme come with another additional year of local warranty on top of that. 

Find out more about Kenwood’s product warranty policies here

How do I track my order for Kenwood hotel kitchen equipment?

After your hotel kitchen equipment order is placed on our eShop, you will receive an order confirmation in your email that you will be able to track the status by simply logging into your account.

You will receive your placed order within 3 working days.