Cold Press Juicers from Kenwood Appliances

A fruit and vegetable juicer from Kenwood Singapore will be your partner in wellness. Use our cold press juicer to turn fresh fruits and greens into delicious drinks to ensure your daily intake of vitamins and antioxidants for a healthier mind and body. Whether as a breakfast staple or a midday pick-me-up beverage, a cold glass of refreshing juice serves as a good antidote to the summer heat.

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    True Centrifugal Juicer


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Enjoy healthy greens with our cold press juicers

Transform even the most hearty fruits and vegetables into clear, nutrient-rich drinks for the whole family to enjoy. Enjoy fresh juices that look good and taste even better. Our sleek and functional juicers are designed with an anti-drip spout to ensure not one bit of goodness is lost in the process of creating your beverages. Additionally, our juice jugs range in capacities of up to 1 litre to provide a generous amount of space for you to fill up your juicer with your preferred amount of fruits and vegetables for the ultimate health-boosting drink. You will be able to make the most of your produce as Kenwood’s juicers also come with a pulp container to collect all the dried-out pulp. This nutritious goodness can be set aside and used in both hot and cold soups, or baked treats like granola bars and healthy, kid-friendly snacks.

Shop slow, cold pressed and centrifugal juicers

At Kenwood Appliances, we create products that make your lives richer and more convenient. Our cold press juicers use a slow mastication technology to grind your fruits and vegetables into clear juice without the use of high heat that might cause oxidation. This ensures that the juice produced will retain the maximum nutritional benefit. Customise your drink to suit your taste buds by trying out different combinations of fruits and vegetables. Whatever your preference, you can be sure that the juices squeezed out by our cold press juicers will come out tasting fresh and delicious!



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Frequently Asked Questions About Kenwood’s Cold Pressed Juicers    

How much will it cost to deliver a cold pressed juicer?

Kenwood provides free standard shipping throughout the country for all orders over $150 placed through our website. For orders under $150, a flat delivery fee of $5 will be applied to every order. We understand that some of our clients might need our products to be delivered to them as soon as possible, therefore we are pleased to offer next-day shipping. Express delivery is available at $5 for orders over $150 and a cost of $10 for orders below $150. Be sure to place your orders before noon to qualify for next-day shipping to your doorstep!

Do your cold press juicers come with a warranty?

At Kenwood appliances, we create durable and high-quality appliances meant to last you a long time. Nonetheless, don’t forget to register your products online for a warranty. All Kenwood products, including our juicers, come with a one-year local warranty from the date of purchase. Find out more about the coverage afforded to your product and our warranty terms and conditions on our website. If your warranty has already expired, you can get in contact with our friendly product experts to help troubleshoot the issue you are facing. You can also send your product in for servicing and repair.

What other appliances can I buy to complement my juicer? 

Kenwood is proud to present a range of elegant and practical small kitchen equipment for your every day prepping and cooking needs. Besides our cold press juicers, we also offer kitchen appliances like hand mixers, smoothie makers, food blenders, toaster ovens and more. There is something for both novices and experienced home cooks among our vast range of products on offer. As a recipient of the Red Dot and iF awards, it is a testament to the quality and sophistication of our designs, and our continued commitment to providing innovative, aesthetically pleasing, ecologically meaningful and practical products to improve our customer experiences in the kitchen, and their love for baking, cooking and the culinary arts.