Kenwood x Anatta Culinary Academy

Anatta Culinary Academy is dedicated to providing students with a better way of eating, by building the foundation for culinary excellence through recipe innovation and skill mastery. Anatta strives to be the gateway to ethical culinary practices and processes as we promote healthy eating by unravelling well-loved recipes through effective techniques. Anatta offers a variety of classes such as tart baking, cake baking, and crafting café-style macarons, offering participants a range of opportunities to enhance their baking abilities and delve into their culinary interests. Kenwood's decision to partner with Anatta reflects its pursuit of excellence and its dedication to empowering individuals through ongoing learning opportunities.

Meet the Chefs

Chef Leigh Ann van Cuylenburg

Chef Leigh has been handling chocolates and pastries for more than 10 years, and is currently a Chocolatier at Anatta Culinary Academy.


Ever since graduating from school, Chef Leigh has been drawn to the allure of creating raw ingredients into masterpieces of chocolates and bakes, and being able to further craft and mould them into pieces of art. This led her to major in Pastry & Bakery Arts, and directed her career through various restaurants, which saw her in charge of researching and developing recipes and desserts for their menus.


Through her career, Chef Leigh has had time and opportunity to hone her skills in creating and decorating custom menus and orders, which has allowed her to experiment and expand her repertoire of recipes and techniques.


Further along in her career in recent years, Chef Leigh has transitioned to developing and instructing cooking and baking courses and workshops for adults and children alike in her dedicated craft.

Chef Sharon Leong

Chef Sharon has years of experience and extensive knowledge in developing and creating new and innovative recipes that sprinkle a touch of fun into her classes.


Immediately upon graduating from the Academy of Pastry Art Malaysia with an Advanced Diploma in Patisserie, Chef Sharon joined ABC Cooking Studio, where she conducted classes through developed and engaging instructional methods.


After spending a year creating new recipes for TQ Enterprise, which honed her expertise and skills in creative pastries and cakes, Chef Sharon then went on to expand on her flair of creativity by designing fully customised cakes and pastries according to a whole suite of requests, pushing her skills and knowledge of pastry ingredients to the next level.


Since 2022, Chef Sharon has been developing recipes and lesson plans for baking classes to adults and corporates, making baking accessible to beginners and experts alike.