Baking Classes for Home Bakers in Singapore

If you’re a home baker in Singapore looking to learn the basics of baking and take your culinary skills to the next level, Kenwood Singapore’s baking classes are a great way to do just that. Not only will you be able to master techniques such as folding dough, rolling out crusts, shaping cookies, and decorating cakes, but you’ll also learn how to make beautiful and delicious creations with confidence. From mastering classic techniques like piping icing on cupcakes or making perfect pate à choux, Kenwood baking classes can help you become an expert home baker in no time.

Bread Baking Classes by Kenwood Singapore

Are you ready to become a pro at baking your own bread? If so, then Kenwood Singapore’s bread baking classes are just the ticket for you. From kneading and shaping dough to perfecting your favourite recipes, our experienced instructors will give you all the tips and tricks you need to make beautiful coiled braids, artisan boules, classic baguettes and more.

Cake Baking Classes by Kenwood Singapore

Whether you’re a beginner home baker or starting a home baking business in Singapore, Kenwood’s cake baking classes can help you master the basics and further enhance your artisanal skills. From layer cakes to marble cakes, cheesecakes and more, each class will give you all the information and guidance you need to achieve the best results from simple and complex recipes alike. Our experienced instructors will cover topics such as mixing ingredients, making perfect frostings, decorating techniques and more, such that you are well-equipped to make stunning cakes of all kinds.

Pastry Baking Classes by Kenwood Singapore

If you’ve been dreaming of becoming a pastry chef at home, then Kenwood’s pastry baking classes are just what you need. With our expert instructors on hand, you’ll learn how to make the perfect crusts for pies and tarts, create delicious fillings and frostings, and decorate your bakes with beautiful designs. From croissants and Danish pastries to eclairs, palmiers, and puff pastry creations, you’ll be able to whip up all kinds of sweet treats from simple recipes in no time.

Kids Baking Classes by Kenwood Singapore

We also provide baking classes tailored to younger kids in Singapore. Through a mix of hands-on activities and educational teachings, our instructors will guide your little ones through basic recipes as they get to grips with kneading, whisking, rolling out dough, measuring ingredients and more. Each class will also be filled with fun facts about food and kitchen safety tips to ensure that your children have the best experience possible while learning the basics of baking.

All baking classes conducted by Kenwood Singapore are Halal-certified and taught in a safe and professional environment. Home bakers will also get to experience firsthand premium Kenwood baking appliances, from the best stand mixers and electric ovens to handheld mixer machines and other miscellaneous baking tools. Book a bread or cake baking class as a couple, with family and friends, or individually during your spare time, and fast-track your baking learning journey with Kenwood Singapore. 

Frequently Asked Questions About Kenwood Singapore’s Baking Classes

Can I use SkillsFuture credits for Kenwood Singapore’s baking classes?

While you cannot use SkillsFuture credits for Kenwood Singapore’s baking classes, each customer is privy to a complimentary online baking starter class with any purchase of eligible Kenwood baking appliances. 

Find out more about Kenwood’s complimentary baking starter classes in Singapore.

What kind of baking appliances will I get to use in Kenwood Singapore’s baking classes?

Aside from the usual stand and hand mixer machines and convection ovens, you will also get to utilise different stand mixer attachments, 4.6L bowl tools, 6.7L bowl tools, and more, depending on the Kenwood baking class you sign up for. Participants can also look forward to trying out premium machines from our Chef Perks programme during select classes.

What other useful resources for baking are available besides baking classes?

Aside from our baking classes, Kenwood Singapore also offers a plethora of other useful resources for home bakers in Singapore looking to master their craft. From our 360 Baking Support programme to tips and tricks from our regularly updated blog and dedicated product guides for more complex baking appliances. 

Visit our learn page to find out more.