Simple Hand Mixer Recipe: Oreo Meringues For Your Sweet Tooth
Everyone knows the first step to stress-free baking is a gleaming, gorgeous hand mixer, which (a) looks prestigious on the kitchen countertop and (b) takes the leg — well, arm — work out of your baking session. It’s the master of multitasking — whipping up egg whites into a light, airy soufflé, mixing up the smoothest batter, kneading pizza and bread dough, and making the best meringues. Whipping up egg whites might sound easy, but many factors affect the quality of the meringues, such as the temperature of the eggs, the whipping techniques and more. Check out this article for common baking issues that you can avoid. And, speaking of meringues, we’re here to share our version of this Swiss treat — with an influence of our local palette. With just three ingredients — egg whites, sugar, and Oreo cookies — you can whip up the chewiest oreo meringues using the trusty Chefette Hand Mixer
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