Top 5 Baking Mixer Hacks You Should Know

Baking is more or less a precise science, which is why many bakers opt for electric mixers to get the perfect consistency for their cakes, cookies, and other desserts or dishes. And while handheld mixers and stand mixer machines today sport numerous features and functions that can elevate your bakes, there exist creative ways through which you can further enhance your baking achievements and enrich your baking experiences. 

Here are some of the top baking mixer hacks you should know when using an electric mixer for baking:

1. Using Dairy as Substitute for Water Where Applicable

While boxed cake mixes aren’t the most popular among bakers, they can be extremely useful when you’re short of time or energy yet crave a nice home-baked cake to satisfy your taste buds. They are also easy to prepare and, therefore, make for beginner-friendly indulgences for those with a minimal baking background. However, these pre-packaged cake mixes often taste a little flat, and you’ll also notice that they usually list water as a primary ingredient. 

In situations like this, replace water with some whole cream milk before mixing with your handheld or stand mixer for baking — this will provide an instant upgrade to the results, where you’ll get a tastier and creamier cake at the end. When baking cakes with coffee or cacao beans as ingredients, using milk in place of water will also elevate the naturally rich bitterness of these ingredients to provide delightful notes of flavour that water can never achieve. 

This doesn’t just apply solely to boxed cake mixes, of course, and can be followed through whenever a cake or bread recipe calls for the addition of water. Just be sure to practise a degree of discernment on what and how much dairy alternatives you should use, or if you should or should not at all. 

2. Chill Your Bowl and Beaters for Perfect Whipped Cream

Achieving perfect whipped cream is no small feat, even with some of the world’s best handheld or stand mixers such as those from Kenwood Singapore. It is a delicate process to whip up this fluffy delight, but there is a baking mixer hack that can help significantly increase your odds of attaining perfectly whipped cream — perhaps at your very first try, even. 

Simply place the mixing bowl and beaters of your baking mixer into the freezer for a good 15 minutes before you start your baking. Not only does this accelerate the process when using a hand mixer, but it also helps thicken the cream when you’re mixing to produce lighter and airier results. That can better hold their shape since the fat in the cream is kept chilled rather than broken down during the mixing process. 

3. Obtain the Best Cake Icings with Proper Mixing Speeds 

If you want to achieve smooth cake icing, you need to be careful with the mixing speed of your hand or stand mixer machine. Too much speed and the ingredients will not blend properly; too little speed and the resultant mixture will be too stiff. 

The perfect consistency is achieved by using a low-speed setting on your mixer at first until all your ingredients are fully incorporated, before turning up the speed to a moderate setting to mix until smooth. Another tip is to use a spatula to scrape down the sides of the bowl while the electric mixer is running to ensure that the ingredients are properly blended (you can skip this step if you own a Kenwood mixer that utilises a rotating bowl). Finally, don't overmix! Overmixing can result in tough, rubbery icing, so keep a close eye on the consistency of your mixture and immediately stop your hand or stand mixer once the desired consistency has been reached. 

4. Add Extra Versatility with the Right Mixer Attachments and Miscellaneous Tools

Although hand and stand mixer machines are already rather versatile without added attachments, they can be even more useful in the kitchen when you equip them with premium add-on items. For example, Kenwood’s pasta-maker attachments let you whip up your own linguine or tagliolini whenever you please, while certain high-speed attachments let you juice, chop, or blend ingredients. There are even slow-speed attachments that make for perfect rotary slicers, grinding mills, meat mincers, and more. 

On top of stand mixer attachments, other miscellaneous baking tools can also allow for added convenience in the kitchen. NestingDuo Bowls, for instance, can be added to Kenwood’s Patissier, Baker, and Baker XL stand mixers to let you whip cream without having to wash the main bowl thereafter. When not in use, you can easily stack both bowls to maximise your storage space in the kitchen.

Altogether, your imagination is truly the limit when it comes to making food preparation, cooking, and baking more convenient through the use of attachments and other miscellaneous tools for your stand mixer machines at home. 

5. Explore Your Baking Mixer’s Other Uses, Even Without Attachments

But even without mixer attachments, you can use your stand mixer machines for baking for so much more than just baking! For those who appreciate both the sweet and the savoury, feel free to experiment with various other dishes that lie outside the orthodox confines of baking in general. Kenwood stand mixer machines, for example, are perfectly capable of shredding chicken, mashing potatoes, making guacamole, and so much more. Put your investment to full use, and don’t rule out the utility of a good electric mixer for baking when it comes to cooking and food preparation. 

Always Invest in a Baking Mixer You Can Trust 

And that wraps up the five baking hacks that you should know when using an electric mixer for baking, but there’s one more thing that’s even more important than the aforementioned hacks that we have covered throughout this article: investing in a baking mixer you can trust is a golden rule for bakers of all backgrounds and levels of skill to follow without falter. 

As mentioned at the very start of this piece, baking is somewhat of a precise science. Consistent results and improvements in skill call for the right equipment in the kitchen. In this regard, Kenwood has got you more than covered with our diverse line-up of premium baking tools and appliances to meet your every baking need. Shop online at Kenwood Singapore today, and visit our sales page to get the latest discounts and deals on the best baking appliances in the market.