5 Reasons To Own A Kenwood Cooking Chef XL
Your trusty stand mixer has become a stalwart of your kitchen. You swear by it for bakes, food prep recipes, and more besides. It’s a veritable assistant, but why stop there? We’d like to introduce a stunning kitchen machine that redefines what it means to have an all-in-one kitchen companion. The Kenwood Cooking Chef XL does everything your stand mixer does, and it also cooks, weighs, and connects to your smartphone. Game-changing? We think so. The addition of the weighing scale, connectivity and touchscreen are what set the Cooking Chef XL KCL95 from its predecessor, the Cooking Chef KCC90, intentionally designed to make your job in the kitchen more seamless. We make a case for why this is one cooking chef that you can trust by your side.

1. Enjoy a streamlined process

By now, we’re all pretty familiar with how impressive today’s stand mixers are. We’re accustomed to them having multiple functions and nailing our food prep as well as levelling up our kitchen game. But the Cooking Chef XL takes that one step further to minimise mess and maximise convenience: by having its own integrated induction cooking and built-in scales. Shimmy Croquembouche With the mess-free EasyWeigh scales, you can weigh your ingredients directly into the mixer or through the attachments. The weight measurements are easy to read on the touchscreen, which automatically rotates when the mixer head is lifted. Simmy Thai Green Curry The Cooking Chef XL is also the world’s first induction stand mixer, with a comfortable temperature range of 20°C to 180°C (greater than similar machines on the market). It’s perfect for tasks big and small, such as one-pot family meals or a quick softening of butter slabs. Read: less dirty dishes, no additional weighing scales, and a free hob for the rest of your cooking. Baking is a science, and there’s no messing around when it comes to measuring ingredients. What's the deal with scales? For example, brown sugar needs to be packed firmly into a measuring cup rather than scooped. Using scales means you’re able to be precise and consistent, and so will be your bakes. [caption id="attachment_15029" align="aligncenter" width="800"]Enjoy the best bakes that're designed for precision. Enjoy the best bakes that are designed for precision.[/caption]

2. Distraction-free, hands-free

This is one machine that you won’t have to babysit. When it comes to delicate operations like tempering chocolate or proving your bread at specific temperatures, timing and precision can make a world of difference in the result. The Cooking Chef XL’s pre-set functions relieve you of hovering over the stand mixer or stove: assess your function of choice through the touch screen, and off it goes. It's a smart machine that knows what you want and delivers. Chocolate melting, dough kneading, meringue and slow cooking are just some of the pre-set functions on offer. The Cooking Chef XL has got your back as the all-in-one kitchen appliance, which means you have more time in the kitchen to attend to other tasks.

3. Touch and go

There’s no need to fiddle around with multiple knobs, buttons or set additional timers - after all, we’re firmly entrenched in the touchscreen era of technology. The CookAssist touch screen allows you to toggle temperature, time and mode, so you’ll be able to monitor progress with one glance at the screen. You may think that a machine with this many functions requires a phone book of instructions. But the Cooking Chef XL even issues reminders through the touch screen on which tool or attachment you’ll need so you don’t have to refer to another device or manual. It’s as simple as tapping away on your smartphone. Make haste to the sink

4. Stay organised, stay calm

Even the most experienced of home cooks can get frazzled. Sometimes your soup boils over, or you’ve realised you’ve got the temperature wrong, or you can’t quite recall the next step in your recipe; well, it’s hard to stay calm and enjoy the process. Shimmy Thai Green Curry Technology and cooking have the best marriages with the Kenwood World Recipe App, designed to help you stay organised and on track. Not only does it have a wealth of recipes with step by step instructions at your disposal, but the app also enables you to send cooking temperatures and directions directly to your Cooking Chef XL. It’s straightforward, seamless, and firmly reinstates the kitchen as your happy place. Best of all: unlike similar platforms, this app is free.

5. Be constantly inspired

Because the Cooking Chef XL quite literally runs the gamut from food prep to baking and cooking, your menu repertoire is limitless. The curious cook loves to explore and experiment but may be held back by not having enough time to scroll through must-follow cooking blogs, equipment or know-how to execute ambitious dishes. That’s where the Kenwood World App, SimpleTouch Presets and the sheer versatility of this kitchen machine come in. It’s impossible to be bored, and it makes the most complicated of dishes accessible. You can also explore recipes and photos uploaded by other cooking enthusiasts and join the community by sharing your culinary journey. For more personalised baking tips, the Kenwood 360 Baking Support also hosts workshops and one-on-one sessions. We love food, and we wager that if you’re reading this, you do too. We built the Cooking Chef XL to harness this love and help you create culinary magic. There’s no end to the alchemy that you can achieve.