Crispy, Chewy, Buttery and Topped with Lemak: The Kuih Bingka Gula Melaka
A Malay delicacy, the Bingka Gula Melaka is a soft, chewy and delicious traditional tapioca cake. With an inviting aroma of Gula Melaka and coconut milk, this treat is sure to be a family favourite. More importantly, this is an extremely easy dessert for home bakers to whip up. This delicious treat is part of our homemade series on kuihs where we teach you how to create these traditional mouthwatering desserts: Kuih Talam Keladi, Kuih Harum Manis, Kuih Tapak Kuda, Kuih Permata, and Kuih Nagasari.


  300 g mashed potatoes
  300 g coconut cream
  150 g gula melaka
  300 ml water
  60 g butter
  100 g high quality tapioca starch
  3 egg yolks
  150 g grated tapioca



Boil together water, gula melaka and butter. Keep aside.


Place mashed potatoes, coconut cream, Gula Melaka solution, tapioca starch, egg yolks and grated tapioca in a bowl attached to a KENWOOD mixer.


Line an 7 x 7 inch tray with parchment paper. Attach a balloon whisk to the mixer and start mixing until well combined.


Pour the mixture into the prepared tray and bake in a preheated oven of 180 degrees Celsius for 40 minutes. Then switch to top heat for another 10 minutes.


Once cooked, allow the bingka to cool for 2 hours until it is firm enough to cut.