Toaster Oven for Every Singapore Kitchen

Gone are the days when all toaster ovens were only good for toasting the slices of bread you have for breakfast or the day-old takeaways you munch on as leftovers. Oven technology has come a long way, and it has slowly cemented its spot as an indispensable tool in a modern kitchen in Singapore.

Whether you’re scouring for a reliable toaster oven with basic functionality or are looking for higher-end ones with additional features like grilling and baking, know that you can find it at Kenwood Singapore.

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Toaster oven: a multi-functional must-have

The typical kitchen in Singapore is characterised by its cramped quarters that often translate to smaller, limited cooking space. As such, furnishing your kitchen with appliances that boast a multifunctional design has become increasingly imperative, which explains the rising popularity of toaster ovens.

Toaster ovens have become an essential addition to Singapore’s kitchen – and with good reason too. Toaster ovens are incredibly versatile; they can be used to toast your bread, bake scrumptious desserts, and prepare a selection of delicious entrées! Perfect for everyday use, get your hands on a toaster oven at Kenwood today!

Kenwood: your go-to online store for home appliances

Since our beginnings in 1947, Kenwood has made it a mission to design and manufacture cutting-edge, stylish kitchen appliances that yield only high-quality results, effectively enhancing your enjoyment of baking and cooking in the kitchen. Our product designs have been recognised by international industry experts, so much so that we have acquired awards and accolades.

Beyond the toaster ovens, we also carry a wide range of home kitchen appliances that meet your needs. Our extensive catalogue includes small kitchen appliances, such as blenders and food processors, baking tools like stand mixers, and other cooking gadgets.

Learn more about our toaster ovens and other kitchen appliances

Do you wish to learn more about our toaster ovens and other household appliances we have in store? Contact us via our online enquiry form and one of our friendly team members will get back to you quickly with a response.


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Frequently Asked Question About Kenwood Singapore’s Toaster Ovens    

How much will the delivery service cost?

There is no minimum order spent to leverage our islandwide delivery services, but those whose orders exceed $150 can enjoy a free standard delivery service. If you require your toaster oven to be delivered the next working day, simply top up an additional $5. Conversely, those who do not reach the $150 minimum can enjoy express delivery services at $10. Similarly, you are required to top up $5 for standard delivery within 2-3 business days. 

Will my toaster ovens be covered by warranty?

At Kenwood, our products are designed with you in mind, and you deserve quality that lasts. All Kenwood electrical appliances, including our toaster ovens, come with a one-year local warranty. Note that whilst this warranty covers both labour and parts, the accompanying accessories and additional attachments are not included. Protect your toaster ovens by registering for a warranty online. We will repair or replace any damaged parts, free of charge, just as long as it is within the first year of purchase. 

If your toaster oven, or any Kenwood appliance for that matter, is not performing as intended, you can send it to us for product servicing and repairs. Our team will be happy to help. 

What is Kenwood Singapore’s exchange policy? 

We encourage you to read through the product details and features on our website to ensure that the product meets your requirements.

Products can only be exchanged if they are delivered to you as defective or damaged goods, or the delivered product is not what you have ordered. You may then return the product to us for an exchange 7 days from the date of the delivery. Note that once this 7-days period has passed, additional charges for repairs and replacements shall apply.  

To arrange for an exchange, please contact us at with a detailed description of the fault or damage with supporting documentation.