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Suitable for 4.6L stand mixers models such as KMC010, KM030, KM010, KM001, KMC570. For more information, refer to our kitchen machine attachment compatibility guide.


For 6.7L stand mixers, use Stainless Steel Dough Hook 6.7L or Aluminium Dough Hook 6.7L.


Kenwood's kitchen machine attachments are the perfect helper for people who love to bake and cook, multi-functional, reliable, and efficient. Kenwood's dough hook is made of stainless steel that is durable and sturdy to handle even the toughest doughs. If you are thinking of making any kind of bread, you'll need a dough hook to help you through all the tough kneading work. Allow the dough to stretch and mix evenly to work the gluten and get the maximum rise and perfect texture.


Create different recipes and explore your creativity with endless recipes like pizzas, pasta, brioche, sourdough, and different types of bread loaves.


  • Stainless Steel
  • Dishwasher safe
SGD 89.00


Kenwood’s unique dough hook for 4.6L kitchen machines is designed with the curvature to reach all parts of the bowl to help you achieve an even dough mix. This helps you to create consistent mixtures without the tedious work of kneading manually. The sturdy stainless steel dough hook is able to handle all types of dough for different baking needs.
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Venturing into making your own bread or exploring different types of baking recipes? Explore more wholesome content from our blog on various cooking and baking tips and tricks so you can elevate your skills. 
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Suitable for stand mixers with 4.6L bowl capacity only. KMC010, KM030, KM010, KM001, KMC570 If you need assistance for the right optional attachment for your kitchen machine, find more information in our compatibility attachment guide or chat with us to find out more.
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—Bowl Tools Height Adjustment  —


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