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Suitable for 4.6L stand mixer models such as KVC3100, KM030, KM010, KM001, KMC570, KM336. For more information, refer to our kitchen machine attachment compatibility guide.


For 6.7L stand mixers, use Stainless Steel K-Beater 6.7L.


Looking for a new kitchen helping hand? Explore Kenwood's range of attachments and accessories that could help you simplify your chores and make your life easier. The unique K-Beater is Kenwood's signature bowl tool that enables you to achieve a superior mix. Whether you’re making pastry or biscuits, or simply combining a mixture, the Kenwood signature K-Beater will beat together just about anything.


Discover the Kenwood signature K-Beater bowl tool, an essential companion to your stand mixer and most likely your most frequently used tool for all your baking needs, helping you to reach all areas of the bowl to achieve superior mixing results and consistency. 

  • Aluminium
SGD 89.00


Kenwood’s K-Beater for 4.6L kitchen mixers is intricately designed to ensure the most effective mixing task. Achieve a consistent and thorough mix to create amazing bakes with our signature K-Beater bowl tool.
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Ready to take on new challenges? Explore more recipes and impress your friends and family with exciting new treats! Learn more about wholesome baking content from our blog.
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Suitable for stand mixers with 4.6L bowl capacity only. e.g. KVC3100, KM030, KM010, KM001, KMC570, KM336

If you need assistance with the right optional attachment for your kitchen machine, find more information in our attachment compatibility guide, or chat with us to find out more.
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— Bowl Tools Height Adjustment —


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