Stylish & Sophisticated Small Kitchen Appliances

Whether it is to master the art of baking or cooking in the kitchen, small appliances can play a big part in how well we can deliver on look and taste. 

If you have been thinking about giving your kitchen toolkit an update to create some true culinary masterpieces of your own, Kenwood has exactly what you are after. We offer a wide range of top-quality kitchen appliances that help make meal prep, baking and cooking a breeze, including powerful blenders and smoothie makers as well as juicers that will get every last drop out of the fruits and vegetables you love so you can enjoy delicious homemade drinks and much more. 

In addition to all your small appliance needs, we also supply ovens and some specialty items like bread makers and toasters to complete your kitchen collection.


Personal blenders for speedy smoothies, traditional blenders for everyday creations, and larger performance blenders for something out of the ordinary – find the perfect one for you.

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  1. BLP10 Blender
    BLP10 Blender


    MYR 149.00

  Food Processors  

Need a little inspiration to create more interesting dishes or add more variety to family mealtimes.

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  1. Food Processor FP120
    Food Processor FP120


    MYR 229.00
  2. Multipro Compact
    Multipro Compact


    MYR 349.00
  3. Multipro Compact FDM302SS
    Multipro Compact


    MYR 649.00

  Hand Blenders  

From solid to blended ingredients in a few seconds, a handy blender works perfectly for a smoothie pie or creamy soup.

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  1. Triblade HDP102WG


    MYR 159.00
  2. Triblade HDP109WG


    MYR 249.00
  3. Triblade Hand Blender HDP406WH


    MYR 469.00

  Hand Mixers  

Mix your ingredients slow and gentle or quick and intense with our wonderfully capable hand mixers.

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  1. Hand Mixer
    Hand Mixer


    MYR 159.00
  2. Chefette Metal Bowl Hand Mixer HM680
    Chefette 3L


    MYR 429.00


Say goodbye to the chopping board and have everything ready in a fraction of the time with just the touch of a button.

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  1. Mini Chopper CH180A
    Mini Chopper


    MYR 129.00
  2. Quad Blade Chopper CH580
    Quad Blade Chopper


    MYR 199.00
  3. Multichop 2-in-1 CHP501WH
    Multichop 2-in-1 Chopper


    MYR 288.00

  Smoothie Makers  

Know what goes into the delicious smoothies you make at home when you use our functional smoothie makers.

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  1. Blend-Xtract Smoothie Maker SMP060WG
    Blend-Xtract Sport


    MYR 169.00


Squeeze out every single drop possible from your favourite fruits and vegetables to produce some of the most nutritious fresh juices ever tasted.

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  1. PureJuice Pro JMP800SI
    Citrus Juicer


    MYR 129.00
  2. Centrifugal juicer JE680
    True Centrifugal Juicer


    MYR 358.00
  3. PureJuice Pro JMP800SI
    Slow Juicer


    MYR 799.00
  4. PureJuice Pro JMP800SI
    PureJuice Pro Slow Juicer


    MYR 1,858.00


Time for chai? Pick any kettle and be impressed with not only how easy it is to use but also how long it can last you.

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  1. Travel Kettle JKP250
    Dual Voltage Travel Kettle 0.5L


    MYR 119.00
  2. Cool Touch Kettle 0.8L
    Cool Touch Kettle 0.8L


    MYR 199.00
  3. Glass Kettle 1.7L
    Glass Kettle 1.7L


    MYR 369.00


Fuel your day with a mean piece of tasty crunchy toast with any of our Kenwood toasters. 

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  1. Toaster TTP200
    True 2-Slot Toaster


    MYR 168.00

Frequently Asked Questions About Kenwood’s Small Appliances


Which Kenwood small kitchen appliances can I buy online?

We have all types of small appliances available from our kitchenware selection, from handy blenders, hand mixers to juicers, toasters and kettles made with price, speed and design in mind.  

What is the cost for delivery on your small kitchen appliances?

Standard shipping costs RM8. However, for orders RM250 or more, we will deliver it to your door free of charge. 

Where do I register my small appliance with Kenwood?

Head to our product registration page online and follow the instructions to register for your product warranty.