Kenwood Baking Tools & Easy Food Preparation Appliances

Built to encapsulate both function and form, our consumer baking, cooking and food preparation appliances feature the sophistication of technology packed into contemporary design. 

Shop Kenwood Malaysia for all your consumer kitchen appliance needs — from tools that make baking easy, to kitchen cooking equipment and appliances that make for easy food preparation at home, we at Kenwood have got you covered. Find everything you need to cook up a storm and more at Kenwood Malaysia today. 

Baking Tools That Take The Cake

Our baking tools at Kenwood combine pleasurable experiences and great results hand-in-hand. Whether you’re an amateur home baker or a professional chef, our baking appliances can help you achieve delicious sweet treats in the kitchen via their optimal blend of quality, innovation, and design. 

Whether it’s a stand mixer, hand mixer, convection oven, or even a toaster that you’re looking to furnish your kitchen countertop with, you’ll find something perfectly suitable to meet even your most nuanced needs at Kenwood Malaysia. Say goodbye to the mess and stress with our selection of stand mixer attachments and other miscellaneous baking tools that make for easy baking at home. 

Shop Kenwood baking tools and appliances today.

Kenwood Cooking Equipment for Every Home Cook

Kenwood’s range of cooking equipment for home kitchens is trusted worldwide for its unrivalled quality and innovation. Combined with timeless designs and aesthetics that can spice up any kitchen decor, our cooking equipment embodies a superb level of functionality that provides for easy and convenient home-cooked meals. Cooking is now made healthy and delicious  without breaking a sweat, nor have you fret. 

Our diverse line-up of cooking equipment at Kenwood also means that there’s something for just about anyone of every skill level. You could be looking for convection ovens, electric blenders, or even smoothie makers, and you’ll still be able to find a suitable option here at Kenwood Malaysia. 

Shop Kenwood cooking equipment and appliances today.

Food Preparation Is Now Easy with Kenwood Appliances

We understand how tiring and cumbersome food preparation may be and how this can deter anyone from preparing a delicious home-cooked meal. But we can change things for you. With the right tools and appliances, did you know that food preparation can be made easy without compromising on taste or aesthetics? 

From food processors and electric choppers to hand blenders, the food preparation tools at Kenwood Malaysia don’t just stop at easy food preparation. In fact, we go further than that. Through finely dicing your ingredients and even mixing, our appliances enhance the end results of your cooking or baking endeavours, bringing out the umami flavours of every dish. 

There’s something for everyone and every budget with our extensive range of food preparation appliances, so be sure to grab what you need to bring a little magic into your home-cooked meals.  

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Let Us Help You Achieve Your Cooking Endeavours

At Kenwood, we have a dedicated team of live baking advisors that are always eager and ready to help our customers achieve their cooking dreams. At no cost to you, you can now reach out to them for a 1-on-1 session should you need guidance on the best baking tools or cooking equipment that will elevate your desserts and dishes or turn food preparation into an easy and convenient task. 

Do remember to keep your eyes peeled for ongoing promotions at the time of your purchase so that you do not miss out on attractive deals and promotions that may help you make the most out of your Kenwood kitchen appliance investment.



Frequently Asked Questions About Kenwood’s Baking Tools And Kitchen Appliances

Are there other kitchen appliances besides baking equipment I can shop for at Kenwood?

Yes, there are! Aside from baking tools for bakers of all skill levels, we also offer a range of food preparation appliances and other miscellaneous kitchen equipment for sale at Kenwood Malaysia. When you purchase kitchen equipment or baking tools from us, you can rest assured that any products you purchase are of the highest quality. 

How long will the delivery take if I order my baking tools from Kenwood online?

We know how excited you must feel to get down to cooking healthy delicious meals from home. As such, we will try to ship out your orders as soon as we can. Kenwood ships locally to all customers in the West Malaysia region, with a standard delivery time of 3- 5 business days. We deliver from Mondays to Saturdays, 9am - 6pm, except for public holidays. Free delivery is available for all orders above RM250. 

Find out more about Kenwood’s delivery services here.

Do Kenwood baking tools and appliances come covered under warranty? 

Yes, all Kenwood baking tools and other kitchen appliances come with a warranty. Whether you choose to buy your Kenwood appliances online or from any of our physical retailers in Malaysia, you’ll get to enjoy a one-year local warranty covering labour and parts, excluding accessories. The only exceptions to this are the stand mixers offered under our Chef Perks programme, which come with an additional year of local warranty on top of the standard one year.