When it comes to the kitchens of restaurants and cafés, having the right commercial kitchen equipment and baking tools is of utmost importance. With speedy turnarounds being a priority, efficient appliances that streamline food preparation, cooking, and baking processes become invaluable assets. Boost your restaurant or café business in Malaysia today with first-class commercial-grade kitchen equipment and baking tools.

Kenwood Malaysia is the preferred brand of professionals in and beyond Malaysia for all electrical appliances needed to run a gourmet-standard restaurant or café. Shop Kenwood commercial kitchen equipment and baking tools today.


With Malaysia being renowned for its rich food culture and local delights, competition can be stiff in the F&B industry. Restaurants and cafés looking to outdo their competitors must provide not only excellent customer service but also great food that is served quickly.

Since 1947, Kenwood has been designing commercial-grade food preparation appliances, kitchen equipment, and baking tools for businesses around the world. With a history of serving even the busiest of restaurants and cafés with unparalleled performance, our ever-growing range of commercial kitchen equipment and professional baking tools are bound to add value to any F&B business, no matter the niche.

Shop Kenwood Malaysia today to ramp up your business with kitchen equipment and baking tools made for commercial kitchen settings.




Overcome the meal-time rush

Empower your staff to keep up with meal-time crowds using the right commercial kitchen equipment.

Food preparation made fast, consistent, and easy

Incorporate consistency and convenience into food preparation with our kitchen equipment and baking tools.

Wow your customers with great food and an enjoyable ambience

Impress your patrons with delicious food and commercial kitchen equipment that ooze classiness.

24/7 efficient service for both peak and non-peak hours

Provide your cooks with the means to better manage large batches of orders.

Leave little no room for mistakes in the kitchen

Commercial kitchen equipment designed for intuitive use leaves no room for error.




The right commercial kitchen equipment and baking tools can significantly help with the fast-paced environments of successful restaurants and cafés. To fulfil both swift turnarounds and gourmet-standard food quality, Kenwood appliances are built to provide consistent results through simple-to-use functionalities, such that you can impress your patrons no matter the crowd size or time of day.

However, we also understand that not every business can afford a complete overhaul of their commercial kitchen and that this then begets the question of which kitchen equipment or baking tool will add the most value to your business, given your current state. If such a dilemma gets in your way, simply call up your very own Kenwood advisor for curated guidance on the kitchen equipment and baking tools that can best provide value to your commercial business. Book a 1-on-1 session with Kenwood advisors today, completely free-of-charge.  

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Frequently Asked Questions About Kenwood Commercial Kitchen Equipment

What kinds of commercial kitchen equipment does Kenwood Malaysia carry?

At Kenwood Malaysia, we carry a diverse range of tools and equipment that cover all commercial kitchen and baking needs. Aside from the products featured above, we also have stand mixer attachments, bread and waffle makers, juicers, kettles, miscellaneous baking tools and much much more. Browse our eShop for our full range of products. 

Do Kenwood commercial kitchen equipment and baking tools come with a warranty?

All Kenwood appliances, including commercial kitchen equipment and baking tools, come with a one-year local warranty that covers labour and parts, excluding accessories, except for stand mixers under our Chef Perks programme, which come with an additional year of local warranty on top of that. 

Find out more about Kenwood’s product warranty policies here

How do I track my order for Kenwood commercial kitchen equipment and baking tools?

After you have placed an order for your selected commercial kitchen equipment or baking tools, you will receive an order confirmation in your email. Thereafter, you can track the status of your order by logging into your Kenwood account.