The Complete Guide To Kenwood Stand Mixer Machines

The Complete Guide To Kenwood Stand Mixer Machines

If you ever baked from scratch and witnessed the magic unravel with your hands, chances are you would  have experienced the joy that many culinary experts live through  every day. Avid cooks, from the amateur to the experimental enthusiast, know that anything special can be made with the right ingredients and, most importantly, tools.

For someone who loves to bake or cook  , having the appropriate kitchen food mixer is essential to create culinary masterpieces. From hand mixers to stand mixers, our exceptional range of Kenwood food mixers addresses every need of the avid cook. For the serious food lover, the latter is arguably the choice for you. With plenty of options for everyone, down to the true beginner, you can select the ideal machine for your kitchen. 

With our handy guide, we will walk you through the stellar selection of Kenwood’s stand mixers so you can decide with confidence which kitchen machines suit your needs the most.

Why stand mixers?

Every beginner baker dreams of having a stand mixer, and for good reason. It’s no secret that stand mixers are quite the investment, which is why it is  important to decide if they are the best tool for your baking and cooking needs. After all, Kenwood offers a wide range of alternatives for cooks of various experience levels, like hand mixers. 

Kenwood stand mixers are the star of the show, offering powerful performance guaranteed with heavy duty reliable motors, and a collection of coveted iF Design Awards and Red Dot Awards that mark its true prestige for first-class quality. Each mixer comes with its own set of accessories to help you create your culinary masterpieces. The adventurous cook can take it up a notch with various Kenwood stand mixer attachments, and turn the stand mixer into almost a one-stop kitchen appliance for all your needs -  a pasta roller, a meat grinder, or even an ice-cream maker! The brand serves you only the best and most versatile kitchen appliances in Malaysia as your  go-to for all  baking and cooking needs. 

Kenwood Stand Mixers

Basic stand mixer machines for the beginner experimenting

Kenwood’s broad range of stand mixers caters to everyone at any stage of their culinary journey. For beginners who are experimenting, Kenwood offers smaller machines for you to explore with, just enough to gain some confidence before going further. Choose from three machines - the Chefette, the Prospero+ Compact and the Chef 4.6L.




Beginners will appreciate the convenience of the Chefette 3L HM680. As a hand mixer and stand combo, the machine makes it easy to operate without taking up too much space in the kitchen. It isthe perfect companion to walk you through your first bakes without the need for additional attachments so you prepare just enough for you and your loved ones to relish. The beginner-friendly Cheffete also comes with the 360 Baking Support Programme designed to guide you through your early bakes while developing your skills and experimenting with various baking styles. Leverage the one-to-one personalised baking session with any of Kenwood’s in-house baking advisors and explore your interests as you experiment in the kitchen. The complimentary baking class, in collaboration with MyWeekendPlan takes your skills to the next level.



Feeling more confident? The Prospero+ Compact comes in two models the Prospero+ Compact KHC29.A0SI and the Propsero+ Compact KHC29.J0SI  with the latter equipped with more attachments. Both will serve those ready to dive deeper into various techniques and recipes. This is a stand mixer that comes with its own set of attachments that will allow you to chop, slice, or grate ingredients, among other things. A  compact and versatile machine with planetary mixing capability, it is the perfect addition to your arsenal of tools if your countertop is short of space. For those who are ready to move on from hand mixers, the Prospero+ is the next best option suited to accompany you on your evolving journey as a baker and chef.



For the bakers with a good idea of their way around the kitchen, the Chef 4.6L KVC3100S is the way to go with its 4.6L bowl that meets most baker needs. As Kenwood’s original Chef range , the Chef stand mixer has supported generations of food lovers. With a 1000W motor, you can be assured of reliability. Plus, the kitchen machine is bundled with three essential baking attachments like the k-beater, wire whisk and dough hook. More importantly, Kenwood’s stand mixers are equipped with the pulsing function giving you the control to effect power change while maintaining optimal speed, allowing you to prepare ingredients exactly the way you want. Explore its versatility with over 25 optional attachments and turn this food mixer into a blender, meat grinder, pasta roller and more. Take your creativity to new heights and impress your loved ones with the quality of a true  baking expert.

Sophisticated stand mixer machines for the culinary experts


For the expert cooks and bakers, it’s the understated truth that skill must be accompanied by reliable tools to go beyond. If you belong to this group of culinary experts, you likely will need more powerful and versatile systems - Kenwood’s bigger, top of the line kitchen machines will serve that role. With these premium choices to choose from - the Chef XL, the Titanium Chef XL and the Cooking Chef – you are definitely spoiled with options. All machines carry the same volume of 6.7L, which is around 16 egg whites, and are compatible with the same attachments. So, if you choose to upgrade your machine to the 6.7L range, you need not worry about attachment compatibility except for the bowl tools. This makes them the perfect companion for your kitchen, be it at home or work. If you are unsure of the attachments, the Kenwood stand mixer attachment compatibility guide will address all your doubts. 


Kenwood Chef XL 6.7L 4100S – for bakers and chefs ready to level up on their culinary skills




For culinary experts seeking an upgrade from the Chef 4.6L at an affordableprice - go with the Chef XL 6.7 KVL4100S. Enjoy precise control of mixing speeds made possible with a powerful 1200W motor, and carry over the same attachments excluding the 4.6L bowl tools from your previous purchase. With the key differences in size, volume and accessories, you get an expert machine that requires minimal setup and learning - you’re ready to start in no time! 

A picture speaks a thousand words. View the Chef XL 6.7L in actions  and you can be confident it is the right one for all your homemade bakes.


Kenwood Titanium Chef XL 6.7L KVL8300S for the confident home maker 



For bakers with years of experience looking for a fail-proof stand mixer, the Titanium XL 6.7L KVL8300S is likely the choice for you. This behemoth of a machine boasts of a 1700W motor and in-bowl illumination with a 10-year guarantee, an extended one to two years warranty when you register warranty for an added peace of mind as well as a selection of stainless steel attachments such as the k-beater, whisk, dough hook, creaming beater and folding tool.. This is the stand mixer for the baker whipping up pastries and desserts for an entire party! What’s more, you can customise your stand mixer with complementary attachments to double its versatility. 

Discover popular culinary expert, Rosidah Dobson as she desmonstrates the functionalies of her Titanium Chef XL to make a fish snack for her family.




Watch the Titanium Chef XL 6.7L at it fullest.




Kenwood Cooking Chef XL 6.7L KCC9040S– a cooking stand mixer with induction heating


Among food lovers are those who fervently believe that cooking and baking are two sides of the same coin - for these experts, there is none but the Cooking Chef XL 6.7L KCC9040S. The Cooking Chef XL is a stand mixer with similar perks to the Titanium Chef: it has the same extended warranty of one to two years and comes with a selection of stainless steel baking and cooking attachments that include the well-recognised k-beater, power whisk, dough hook, creaming beater, stirring tool and steaming basket.




Discover the Cooking Chef full suite of features to meet all your baking and cooking needs.

On top of that, this stand mixer also functions as a convection cooker through induction heating, allowing you the added convenience of cooking a meal for your loved ones. Through its innovative features, the Cooking Chef XL offers you access to the highest level of culinary creation, all within the confines of your kitchen space. 

Shop for Kenwood stand mixers

With Kenwood stand mixers, you can now skip your trip to the bakery knowing that you can create the same pastries at a higher quality with your own hands, right at home. Equipped with excellent accessories and attachments for you to turn your stand mixers into everything more - a pasta roller, food processor, or even a juicer, the possibilities are truly endless. 



Experience the magic of your favourite restaurants all within your own beloved kitchen space. With Kenwood award-winning stand mixers, coupled with your creative culinary spirit, you can now create the most delightful sourdough bread, apple pie, or even beef goulash, all with the help of your desired Kenwood stand mixer

If you’re ready to join generations of bakers and cooks, shop for Kenwood stand mixers today. If you need more information about any products, you may contact our customer service team, book a personalised consultation with one of the baking advisors or reach Kenwood via its chat support.